Hall Pass

Product Details3.5 Stars

I didn’t know what to expect when watching Hall Pass really.  I’m not a big fan of the famed Farrelly Brothers, in fact I’ve only seen Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin and part of Stuck on You before seeing Hall Pass.  One day I’ll get around to watching There’s Something About Mary, but who knows when that day will be.

Hall Pass is the story of a pair of married couples.  The husbands are ogling other women, and simply embarrassing their wives, seemingly out of the frustrations of being trapped in matrimony for so many years.  The wives’ solution is to give them a one week, anything goes, no questions asked, no guilt attached, reprieve from marriage.  The “hall pass”.

The boys are off their chains, let the hilarity ensue.  Actually, this movie has a lot of very funny bits, but it is not non-stop laughs.  Several scenes did tend to drag, as this film clocked in at 1 hour 45 minutes.  In my opinion, though there were a few laughs, the golf course scenes could have been cut, as they didn’t really advance much plot, nor were they overly funny.  It could be just me, but the “stoner” humour in this bit has been done in a  lot of other movies, and it usually has the same result.

Naturally our heroes are not the “chick magnets” they thought they once were, and the opportunities are not lining up outside their door.  It seems not only have the stars and the filmmakers  have settled into middle age, but the target audience perhaps too.  A little bothersome is the obvious product placement in this film as everywhere they go to meet the endless line of sexual conquests is a name-brand chain restaurant/bar.

I actually related a lot to this movie, perhaps due to my slowly advancing age, and deteriorated marital situation.  Though you may expect it to be a crude, boys only comedy, I think the Farrelly’s pulled a clever swerve and gave us a bit more of a romantic comedy instead.  The biggest problem facing comedies lately seems to be the necessary comparison to The Hangover.   I have read other reviews on Hall Pass, and opinions seem split down the middle, either the movie wasn’t crass or outrageous enough; perhaps again compared to The Hangover; and had lost the magic Farrelly touch, or the movie was perfect just because it had the magic Farrelly touch.  I don’t particularly agree with either opinion.  There was crude humour, but there was also thoughtful humour and we get to enjoy a nice, fairly well told story at the end.


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