4.5 Stars

Okay, I didn’t just go and see Thor, I saw it on May 13th, but I was reminiscing about all the comic book movies coming out this year, and that I’ve seen and enjoyed in general.  Since I hadn’t started this blog yet, I thought I should bring my “Movies on Facebook” review over to keep all my “nerdy pleasures” in one easily accessible place.  So here it is, as I wrote it then, being limited to a very small window to parse my thoughts into.

Wow, this was a very fun movie, mixing equal parts action, plot and comedy. (Come on, it is based on a comic book, so there has to be some comedy, right?) Anyway, it was a very fun movie, well acted with very good casting. Of course we have bits to advance the plots of our “Marvel Universe” movies, where we know everyone will come together, but the story was good enough to stand on its own. The effects were very good, though I did not see the film in 3D. From what I have been told, the 3D is not really necessary, as I’ve found true in other films, and you might as well save your money. The Shining Realm of Asgard was a great mix of magic and technology. At first I thought the Frost Giants were not “giant” enough, but even that worked itself out. All in all, a very enjoyable night out.

A little bit more on Thor, looking back a few months later:

I still really enjoyed the movie and look forward to adding the DVD to my collection…one day, when I get out of this apartment and back in a house, I’ll upgrade my old tube  TV which will make the switch to Blu Ray noticeable, for now, DVD it is.  Thor did a very good job, but there were a few things that stood out.  His transformation from arrogant and uncaring did not take as long as it probably should have, but who is to say that time works the same in Asgard as it does on Earth?  Plus a montage would have seemed forced and out of place in such a smoothly flowing film.

The “Marvel” cameos we were treated to were quite nice, from Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, to Stan Lee trying to pull Mjolnir with his pickup truck.  Of course, as with most Marvel films (though not X-Men: First Class) we have a teaser after the credits.  Now debate is out on what Nick Fury was showing Dr. Selvig, with it being either a fragment of the Bifrost Bridge or a Cosmic Cube, which would lead directly to the Captain America movie, as the Cube was seemingly always on the Red Skull’s “to do” list.  It is entirely possible the Cosmic Cube is created from parts of the Bifrost Bridge, so who knows, perhaps after Captain America: First Avenger, we will have a clearer view.

I’ve been adding DVD covers to my posts, but since this film is not yet available, I used a version of the movie poster, but while doing a few searches; back in May actually; I found this poster which was exclusively given to cast and crew.  I must say this is an awesome poster by British graphic designer Olly Moss, who has an amazing style.  You should check out his work or his blog!

Very nice work, and if anyone out there reading this has an extra….well, let me know


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