Peep World

Product Details2.5 Stars

Well, they can’t all be winners can they?  After the pleasant surprise of Miss Nobody last night, I decided to try Peep World today.  The premise looked good, a family gathering set against the conflicts brought out by the youngest brother’s pseudo-fiction tell-all book about his family.  The cast was very strong I thought with Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Kate Mara and Leslie Ann Warren.  Something just didn’t click though.  It was briefly funny, but played out more tragically and dramatically than it probably should have been or possibly wanted to be.

The film was directed by Barry W. Blaustein.  Perhaps I should have looked into that first, as he wrote both the Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor movies, and the recent version of The Honeymooners.  His documentary work on Beyond the Mat was pretty good, and The Ringer which he directed was passable as well, but Peep World fell flat for some reason.    Honestly, I thought this movie delivered more on the drama aspects than on the comic.

Michael C. Hall was very good as Jack, the good brother who was tired of being the good, reliable, dependable one.  Rainn Wilson was very good as Joel, the brother trying to get ahead and turn himself around.  All the family skirting around the success and shame from brother Nathan’s book and dealing with their father who never raised them, really seemed like it had been done before, too many times.  Aside from Hall and Wilson, the characters were presented one dimensionally and fairly stereotypical.  Sarah Silverman was quite a disappointment, as she just can’t act. She has no natural ability, and really played to the stereotype of bitchy, spoiled daughter, which is a shame, because her stand-up routines used to be quite good, but now those even seem forced, and not natural.

My final words would be that if you are a fan of Hall or Wilson, you may enjoy it to see them in something apart from their TV roles, other than that, it really doesn’t hold the interest, as I admit that I dozed off for a few minutes, which really does say something, as this movie was quite short, clocking in at only 1 hour 19 Minutes.  Perhaps that is the best thing to say about this one.  As I laughingly recall one of my favourite episodes of The IT Crowd, when the gang is reading the playbill for a bad sounding musical the positive sounding reviews have nailed it:

Shorter than most musicals“…


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  1. Fantastic views on that!


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