London Boulevard

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Well, well, well.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to grab the keyboard, and it seems an even longer time since I’ve been able to catch a movie.  Since my last posting, I have seen a few, but have not had enough time or energy to get around to reviewing them.  Tonight, with a still pounding headache, I will attempt to get through my backlog.

On February 20th….yeah, I’m that behind…..I watched London Boulevard with Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley and Ray Winstone.  London Boulevard was a fairly enjoyable “English gangster” flick.  Colin Farrell plays Mitchel, an ex-gangster who just got out of jail and wants to stay on the straight and narrow path, but his reputation precedes him, and his underworld friends want him to join them again.  Mitch gets a job as a bodyguard for Charlotte (Keira Knightley) a reclusive actress who is still hot news for the paparazzi.  Soon, Ray Winstone as crime lord Gant tries to bring Mitch into his gang by having him witness a killing; “Now you’re an accessory, now you’re mine”.  Naturally Mitch and Charlotte have fallen in love, and of course need to flee to escape the criminal life; but before he goes, Mitch must clean up his loose ends.

Now, I did enjoy the film for the most part, and ironically my choice of words spells it out perfectly.  The loose ends were what I felt to be the downfall of this film.  Now, the script was well written, and the casting superb, but there were too many subplots (in my opinion) that just detracted from what could have been a gangster classic.  The supporting cast was excellent, but there were too many of them, all with different plots, that didn’t really link back to the main story, or if they did, they didn’t feel as though they got the resolution or proper attention that they deserved.

If some of the subplots and characters were poorly handled, the ending made me feel that way about the whole film.  The ending essentially made me say “so what” about a film that I had already invested an hour and a half into, and for the most part enjoyed.  From the dozen or so subplots, such as a pointless murder of the wrong man, to a stalker, who makes several ominous appearances and is then dismissed in a single line of dialogue, the filmmakers obviously didn’t subscribe to the “less is more” theory, because the more they added, the less I felt I got out of the film.

Now, as I said, the casting was very good, as both Farrell and Knightley were extremely entertaining, as was the quality of the very deep supporting cast.  Visually the film was sharp, and the expletive-heavy dialogue gave a true sense of realism to the story.  The stylish soundtrack only amplified how good this film should have been, and really was until the unfortunate ending.


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