Answer This!

Product Details2.5 Stars

Well, I wanted to enjoy Answer This!, but it really fell flat for me.  The premise I was fed was a team of career academics who finally get the chance to shine as kings of their own little world in the realm of competitive pub trivia.  I still want to see that movie, but it looks like I may have to dream it up myself.  In Answer This! the pub trivia really got pushed aside, as we got a story of a career student Paul, struggling with his dissertation regarding the Bible as Literature, and trying to live up to his professor father’s expectations of him.  Throw in a bit of “forbidden fruit” as Paul the TA falls for a freshman in his class.  Somewhere in the background of Paul trying to figure out what to do with his life we see a bit of the citywide pub trivia contest he and two friends have entered as the “Ice Tigers”.

The cast performed well with what was also a directorial love letter to the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Again I have to say it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  The story is pretty standard, with all the clichés in place.  There is one scene where the Paul gets philosophical in class about the concept of paradise, which was rather interesting, and he goes on to tell the class that they have discovered the thesis of his dissertation.

For lifelong Trivial Pursuit lovers and academics that Paul and his friends are supposed to be, they do flub a pretty simple trivia question at one point, but that of course just serves to move Paul in the direction of his future.  Don’t trust the box art on this one, it’s not really a crazy beer drinking, zany college comedy, and really not worth going out of your way to see.  There are some pretty good laughs, and if it’s on I wouldn’t say turn it off, but you’re not missing much if you do miss this one.


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