Cat Run

Cat Run3.5 Stars

Cat Run mixes equal parts dark comedy with brutal action to come out with a rather satisfying B-movie.  The two main characters, are two old friends, Julian (Alphonso McAuley) and Anthony (Scot Mechlowicz).  Anthony has a failing restaurant, and Julian has a business idea; they’ll become private investigators.  Soon they take a case, even though no one has hired them, to protect a woman they meet who is clearly on the run.  Catalina (Paz Vega) witnessed the mass killing of her fellow prostitutes at a wealthy Eastern European businessman’s home, while they were entertaining an American senator.  As we follow our cast they meet various killers, thugs, and assassins, on their way to saving the girl, saving their lives, and bringing the scandal to the public.

The cast were great, especially Janet McTeer as the professional assassin, Helen Bingham, brought in to kill Catalina.  She is a remarkable actress, and really brought something different to the movie, as a “Mary Poppins” fashioned assassin.  Watching the bonus features, she really seemed to enjoy the role, as she had never done a movie with stunts or fighting before.  Paz Vega excellent as Catalina.  What I liked about her character, was that they didn’t really shy away from her being a prostitute as some films will do to generate sympathy for their lead.    Previously I really enjoyed her in 10 Items or Less, with Morgan Freeman, another film I would recommend seeing.

Cat Run is filled with violence, action and a considerable amount of nudity (sorry folks, none from Paz Vega, she’s the big name star).  I did really enjoy this one, as it made me laugh, and filled my need for brutal action that weekend.  If you’re looking for something to enjoy along those lines, pick Cat Run up, I would even say you could pick it up to simply enjoy Janet McTeer’s character and performance, because to me, she really made this movie a notch above the usual B Movie fare.


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