Asylum in 3

Season 7 starts on Saturday.  The Doctor Who facebook page has put up a series of  “epic posters for the first part of series 7” because they “promised you epic episodes”.  While I’m clearly looking forward to them all, just curious as to why the writing credits are so much bigger on the Moffat written episode posters?

It should be a good season; even though they’re doing the half-season split/hiatus thing again this year.  Anxious to get rid of the Ponds myself; I never really took to Amy as a companion, though I didn’t mind Rory.  If the “Who killed all the Daleks” – “Who do you think?” turns out to be Amy somehow I’m not sure what I’ll think…didn’t that already happen with a certain Bad Wolf?  I loved Moffat as an episode writer, I don’t really like him as an Executive Producer.  In my opinion he just doesn’t know how to steer the show properly for an entire season.  His over reaching arcs have all seemed the same to me, but as always I remain loyal and hopeful, but I think next year when we hit the 50th anniversary season we better have some Russell T. Davies….and EVERY surviving Doctor!  And as time doesn’t seem to be on our side so far this year, maybe a rush to get the surviving companions too.  We’ve lost too many, too quickly this year.

Gearing up for Season 7 I’ve seen some highlight/clip/flashback shows on Space (the good ol’ Canadian sci-fi channel equivalent); Destinations of Doctor Who and The Timey Wimey of Doctor Who.  Both were an utter waste of time! I was hoping for some behind the scenes stuff, but just got the same panel people giving their opinions on a selection of episodes from the earlier seasons.  At least this time they didn’t only focus on the Moffat/Smith years as Eccleston and Tennant did get clips as well.  The panels were the same for each, right down to their clothes, so these were likely shot all at once and split up to milk as many “specials” as they could from them.  I saw two, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were more hidden somewhere. The panel were mostly unknown to me, save for Moffat himself, Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman the head of Torchwood in Season 2), and Jon Culshaw (who does an amazing Tom Baker impression).  The remainder were “celebrities”, bloggers, comedians and other I suppose noteworthy fans, who called themselves nerds (or “nerdists”);  most of whom tried to give funny, glib, gushing opinions as to why they think the show is so cool.  Chloe Dykstra dressed as Doctor 11 is clearly a fan, as I’m sure most of the others were too, but none came across very well, with “because he’s the Doctor” being the most common explanation for why things happened in the show.  Next year I’ll avoid any specials that come from “BBC America” and just stick to things from the regular Beeb…I think it will be better that way.

Ah well, synchronize your hydro-chronometers, check the retro-stabilizers, primary heat-converters and as always, reverse the polarity of the neutron flow in preparation for Saturday.


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