Another Saturday Night…

….but this was a Saturday night without Doctor Who, the first of many until Christmas sadly.  Normally I would be writing up a review of the night’s episode, but as there wasn’t one, what did I do to pass the time?

Well, I actually had a fairly productive Saturday, I cleaned out my eavestroughs, caulked two window frames, painted a door, painted two sets of window trim and two sills; took advantage of the crazy tie deal at Moores (buy 1 get 2 free!); grabbed a taco for dinner and then decided to go to work.  Got home from work and I replaced all the halogen bulbs in basement potlights with LED bulbs and then decided to paint some more.  Did a second coat on one of the windows, then decided to paint the bar in the basement; painted the trim on my basement ceiling, sanded and painted the window there too…boy, do I know how to have fun.

As many here in the “Great White North” look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, I just sit here and ponder both the apparent poignant relevancy of the two songs I heard on the radio this morning; and why I set my alarm at all last night….


(both really good songs by the way)


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