The Monitor

Product Details3.5 Stars

The Monitor is a suspense thriller involving a woman named Anna (Rapace) and her son, Anders, who have been relocated by Child Welfare Services to avoid her abusive ex-husband.  Still living in fear for their lives, Anna walks Anders to school, and waits for him to finish to walk him home.  When they are home, the curtains are drawn, and the doors are locked, no one comes in to their apartment.  She and Anders share a room so she knows that he is safe, until she has another visit from Child Services, who warn that her ex-husband has a new lawyer, who could claim custody of their son if Anna’s paranoid behaviour continues.  Clearly wishing to avoid this at all costs, Anna buys a baby monitor to keep tabs on her son’s bedroom.  At the same time, she befriends a sales clerk named Helge, a man who had assisted her on the bus earlier, but who also had his own hardships to deal with, as his mother is on life support.

After easing her fears a little by using the baby monitor, Anna is woken suddenly by screams of fear and shouts of anger coming over the monitor.  Rushing to her son’s room, she finds him safe and asleep, but where were the screams coming from?  Helge tells her that it is possible she is just picking up signals from another baby monitor in her building on the same frequency and shows her how to change the band to avoid this.  He also mentions how he saw her at a coffee shop the day before, but Anna has no memory of being there, in fact, she confides to Helge that often she does not remember how she got somewhere, or what she had done in a day.  Anna’s paranoia has affected her sleep, could that lack of sleep be affecting her memory, or is there something more going on?  Anna switches frequencies on her monitor, but she still hears the screams, and tries to track them down, thinking she has witnessed a neighbour bury a tarp wrapped body in the forest nearby…..

The movie was quite good, with a decently suspenseful story to keep my attention, it did get a little too involved near the end and left me with a few unanswered questions.  Naturally the best part of this film was Noomi Rapace (IMHO).  She was fantastic again in a very compelling role.  The film itself won the Grand Prize at the Gerardmer Film Festival in France, but also, Miss Rapace has won Best Actress awards at the Rome Film Fest and at the Amanda Awards in Norway for her role as Anna.  I have yet to be even the slightest bit disappointed by anything she has done and cannot wait to watch another of her films.

A few weeks ago I signed up on Twitter ( @G_Switzer ) to see if that would maybe spread these little ramblings of mine a bit further around the Internet.  It appeared to do so on my first “Twitter Age” review, Alter Egos.  I’m not sure how, but the director of the film somehow saw my review and tweeted it to his followers, spiking my number of views that weekend, which was great.  That got me thinking a little, which is not always wise.  I’ve always wanted a celebrity “friend”, kind of like the Keith Hernandez episodes of Seinfeld.  I want someone cool like that to chat with, hang out with, play cards with, normal stuff like that, so I will throw this out there, Noomi Rapace, if you ever read this, you are invited to my house for a cup of tea if you are ever in the Southern Ontario region.  Why not, stranger things have happened right?


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