Oscar 2013, the 85th Academy Awards

oscar  21 out of 24.

That’s not my rating for Seth MacFarlane’s hosting of the show, that’s my record for Oscar picks this year.  This year’s Oscars saw a lot of things, including a tie.  There were two Oscars given out for Sound Editing.  So, two of the five films nominated won, and I still got it wrong.  I went Life of Pi, and Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty both won.  I also missed Makeup and Hairstyling and Production Design.  Things to brush up on for next year I suppose.  Based on my own success, this may have been a fairly easy year to predict.  Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress were simple, and anyone who didn’t pick Anne Hathaway had rocks in their head.

Based on the presentations, the opening monologue, and the closing song, I think this is correct:


In my opinion, it was a terrible opening.  Poor jokes that mocked nominees, past winners, the Academy and everyone in between.  And then MacFarlane got to do several skits and musical numbers which seems to be his cup of tea, but also seems a little odd.  For someone whose shows seem to be aimed at a younger generational audience, he certainly uses a lot of very dated references and styles in his humour.  When it first aired I thought Family Guy was one of the funniest things I had ever seen, but it jumped the shark very quickly and the humour really sank.  While flipping channels the other day I saw a few minutes of an episode where they made a Hee Haw reference, and cut to a clip of Conway Twitty.  Who in the shows target audience knows what any of that is?

Only when we got the timely arrival of William Shatner by video did the show start to get on track, when they did joke that MacFarlane was remembered in his fictional Star Trek future as the worst Oscar host ever.  The blame doesn’t lie entirely with MacFarlane, whoever wrote the banter for the early presenters dropped the ball too.  Seeing the cast of the Avengers stumble over their presumably teleprompted lines was painful and drawn out.  If the Academy would quite padding their shows with this ridiculousness and just introduce and present the awards, they wouldn’t have to cut short the speeches of the winners.  I really was upset that the orchestra played out and over-top of the thank yous for several of the “minor” winners.  I believe Visual Effects was treated the worst, but I may be mistaken.  Let the winners speak!  Also, why did the White House and First Lady Michelle Obama present the award for Best Picture?  I think this year’s show bordered on debacle, and hopefully none of the guilty parties are invited back.  Actually based on their comments, I think that is a pretty safe assumption.

Being a new user of Twitter, I did get to see some pretty humourous comments from the likes of Steve Martin and Joel McHale such as:

  • Spielberg probably lost for completely glossing over all of Lincoln’s vampire hunting. #OscarsWithJoel
  • Do you think Alan Arkin will win again in the category of Best Supporting Alan Arkin? #OscarsWithJoel
  • Sucks there’s not a Best Tiger category, cuz that tiger from LIFE OF PI would definitely have been a serious frontrunner. #OscarsWithJoel
  • They should’ve given Lincoln a catchphrase, like “Penny for your thoughts?” or “Four score and twenty cans of whoop-ass.” #OscarsWithJoel
  • Ben Affleck’s tux is by Armani, his shoes are by Gucci, and his beard is by See I’m A Director Now. #OscarsWithJoel #IAmJustJealous
  • If I got anything out of tonight’s Oscars, it’s the correct way to pronounce “Seyfried.” #OscarsWithJoel #Quvenzhane
  • I just wish there were more scenes in “Silver Linings Playbook” where Jennifer Lawrence shoots an arrow into a dude’s neck. #OscarsWithJoel
  • Kristen Stewart is limping because she sprained her ankle from being excessively disinterested. #OscarsWithJoel
  • Okay, I grudgingly admit Daniel Day-Lewis made the right decision to star in “Lincoln” instead of “Piranha 3DD”. #OscarsWithJoel
  • Old-fashioned is back! I’m in! @SteveMartinToGo
  • This reminds me of when The Jerk lost for costumes. @SteveMartinToGo
  • I’d like to thank the center of my universe, the singularity, the primordial soup. @SteveMartinToGo

This year I had only seen one of the nominated Best Pictures (Argo) though I really wanted to see Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook after having seen the trailer and not just a commercial.  I had no real desire to see Django Unchained.  I had seen Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so I already knew the story of Lincoln.  Les Miserables was supposed to be very good, but didn’t really grab my interest.  I had never heard of Amour or Beasts of the Southern Wild, and not having seen Zero Dark Twenty-Nine, I probably wouldn’t be able to follow it’s sequel Zero Dark Thirty…yes, that was a joke.  I once had a customer ask me about the film “Malcolm Ten” that they wanted to watch…it was Malcolm X.

Not having seen much that was nominated, I’ve decided to make my own awards.  I don’t know anyone named Oscar; though that is the name of a friend’s cat; so to avoid confusion with the Academy Awards (and the cat) I’ll ask you readers to submit a name.  Here are my picks in my very subjective categories from the movies I watched in 2012:

  • Best Animated Feature – The Hobbit I know it’s old, but it’s I think the only cartoon movie I watched with my children this year.
  • Cinematography – Dredd
  • Costume Design – Avengers because you never see a comic book movie get nominated for costuming; and being an amateur prop builder I think these sort of films deserve some recognition.
  • Best Comedy – Flypaper
  • Best Action – Safe
  • Best Drama – Beginners
  • Best Sci-Fi – Dredd
  • Best Thriller – Red Lights
  • Best Horror – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • Best Foreign Language – Headhunters
  • Best Picture – Dredd

The big winner for me this year was Dredd (or Dredd 3D if you prefer).  It was the movie I enjoyed watching the most, and was one of the very few films I saw in theatres last year.  I didn’t pick a best Actor or Actress or Director even, because I couldn’t really pick out any single lead performance.  There were a few supporting actors (and actresses) that I enjoyed this year: JK Simmons, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Olsen and Olivia Thirlby all were excellent in everything I watched them in this year, and I look forward to more successes from them in 2013.

That’s it for me tonight, suggest a name for my awards below and if you’ve seen something that you thought was better than the films I picked, let me know, as I’m always looking for something good to watch.


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