Bells of St. John – Season 7 Episode 7

There’s something living in the Wi-Fi, harvesting human minds…And with that, Season 7 of Doctor Who has returned to the airwaves.

I did enjoy the episode, but after watching I did go online to see what others had thought, and smack on the front page of IMDb I found a review and I think I agree with most of it.  I think this season should be Moffat’s last as showrunner.  I am very afraid what he will do to the fiftieth anniversary special, though we did get some good news….. If you read my reviews from the earlier half of this season, you may remember my disappointments.  It really seems like a lot of “been there, done that” with the last year or so of Moffat.  The sad thing is that I really enjoyed the shows Moffat wrote when Davies was the showrunner.  His were some of the best episodes, now he just seems to be repeating himself.  Moffat must really love the joke of “doctor who?” because we’ve heard “the first question” over and over again this season.  I’m getting a little tired of it, can we please move on?  The videos at the beginning of this episode where we were warned something was in the Wi-Fi (and even on Twitter earlier when we were told “don’t click”) were too reminiscent of Blink.  I also think that Moffat is too in love with his own characters.  The second episode after Amy and Rory left may be too soon to be dropping Easter eggs referring to them, even if it is Easter weekend.  Having Clara reading a book written by Amelia Williams, aka Amy Pond might have been a nice nod later on down the road, but I think this very small, very minor thing may have been a big mistake.  Let the new companion stand on her own, without immediately reminding the audience of who she’s replacing.

There were things I did enjoy about the episode.  The back and forth between the Doctor and Clara on the phone was good and they seem to have a good chemistry.  The “monster” of the episode was quite well done actually as we’re getting a lot of “classic” Who villains this half of the season.  Though the involvement of the Great Intelligence (slight spoiler, hi-light to read) was not revealed until the end of the episode, I did guess it somewhere around the halfway mark.  The action came at a good pace, and we got some pretty great use out of the TARDIS too.  Nice to see the time machine used as a time machine sometimes.  “Hey, we just skipped last night while our enemies were up all night working and looking for us, they’re tired, we’re not.”  Excellent, I love that sort of thinking and writing!  I also really enjoyed, and laughed quite hard, when we find out why the episode was titled Bells of St. John.

Next week’s show looks good and in two weeks we get the return of the Ice Warriors (Cold War); who we haven’t seen since the Monster of Peladon, back in April of 1974.  As I’m getting to be classic myself, I do like the return of the classic monsters we’ve seen each season, and seeing the Ice Warriors will make a nice (one day early) birthday present for me.


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