Hit & Run

Product Details4 Stars

Hit & Run is essentially a giant car chase wrapped around a romantic comedy.  Why did I give such a film such a high rating since I’m a bitter, jaded old fool?  Well, there were a lot of very funny moments, a lot of pretty cool cars and a lot of pretty cool car chases.  Writer/director/star Dax Shepard really covered his bases on this one, making a film that should appeal to both sexes.  The movie was a lot smarter than I thought it would be with a strong cast that actually made the dialogue carry the movie rather than the action.

Shepard plays Charlie Bronson, a member of the witness protection program hiding out in a small town who leaves his criminal past behind him and now lives with his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) who works at the local college.  So in love with her, Charlie will do anything for Annie, including returning to Los Angeles (the “scene of the crime”) with her when Annie gets a job offer from the university.  Unfortunately, Annie’s jealous ex-boyfriend (Michael Rosenbaum) figures out who Charlie used to be and alerts his former criminal partners (via Facebook) that Yul Perkins, the man who turned on them, will be in town.  Charlie was the getaway driver in a series of bank robberies, and now he dusts off his souped up Lincoln to take Annie on a high-speed run to her LA job interview.  Before long however, Charlie and Annie’s simple road trip turns into a high-speed chase, complete with shootouts, a hapless US Marshall (Tom Arnold) who is supposed to be protecting Charlie and even a little grand theft auto….they steal a car, not play the video game.

Shepard and Bell are a real life couple and that made their character’s on-screen relationship that much more believable.  They really looked to have fun in this movie.  In fact, Shepard said the movie was a lot of fun because he got to use all his own cars, drive all his own stunts, and cast a lot of his friends including Michael Rosenbaum, Kristin Chenoweth, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, Beau Bridges, Jason Bateman, Ryan Hansen, and Carly Hatter who is his sister.  The plot was fairly standard, with a few minor twists and turns along the way, but the snappy dialogue and the frequent driving scenes really did make the movie fun.

Hit & Run was a lot of fun bringing back memories of old car chase movies like Smokey and the Bandit or Cannonball Run, and thanks to the trailers, led me to my next viewing choice: Guns, Girls and Gambling, which I’ll hopefully get around to reviewing this week.  It’s taken me a week to do up this one, with real life unfortunately ramming its way into what I like to think of as my own personal time.  Ah well, c’est la vie.


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