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For some reason last week I needed to check up on an old review or rating I had given a movie, so that set the WABAC machine in motion.  A long time ago….I found the “Movies” app for Facebook which I think became the Flickster app, which has now joined up with Rotten Tomatoes….Or something like that, my memory is a little fuzzy, but long story short, I used to rate movies on some app on Facebook.  It was kind of nice, routinely titles would pop up as either being available on DVD that week, or going to theatres and it would give you the option to either “Want to See It”, be “Not Interested” in seeing it, or “Rate It” if you had seen the movie.  So I did just that for a lot of films.  When I did watch one, I rated it, and soon started putting in comments.  These comments started small, but did eventually grow.  Around this time, I attended my high school reunion and ran into a friend who thanked me for using the app, and encouraged me to keep it up.  He loved what I was doing and suggested starting a blog, and that’s where all this has come from.  I guess I’m prone to suggestion.

I revisited the Rotten Tomatoes site and dug up all my old ratings and reviews, and now I pass them on to you here, so there will be a complete record of all my reviews, as silly as they may be.  (I’m not going to include the pictures this time out, and my Five Star images will be simplified to plus and minus signs)

Hurt Locker +++++

Excellent. ’nuff said.  (Okay, these old reviews weren’t all winners, I’ll admit)

Moon +++++

Great Sci-Fi. Love that they used miniatures too, not just CGI!

Zombieland ++++

That was fun. True mindless humour. And Bill Murray was great

Sherlock Holmes +++-

scared of this one (Dec 2009) Okay, now I saw it, and it was pretty good. Fun, definitely a re-imagination of Holmes. Still nobody beats Jeremy Brett IMHO.

Outland +++

classic Connery…not quite classic Bond Connery, but Connery all the same

Men Who Stare at Goats +++-

I liked it, nice movie, subtle messages, and of course Jedi Warriors

District 9 ++++

Great concept. Great story.

Gentlemen Broncos +++

Several good laughs.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) +++++

Fantastic! Still holds up well today!

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell +++

entertaining, some great come backs and one liners

A Fistful of Dollars +++++

One of my all time favourites. The first of the “Spaghetti Westerns”. Great music, great camera work, great all around.

The Blues Brothers +++++

Great music. So over the top it’s fun.

Hunt For Red October ++++

Good movie, not too “technical manual” heavy like a lot of Tom Clancy stuff, I liked Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan better than Harrison Ford. A good story, and I liked how nothing seemed to be “filler”. It all worked into the plot somehow, even the little prototype sub being worked on in the beginning of the film.

Goldfinger +++++

It’s got Connery as Bond. It’s got Odd Job as the heavy. It’s got golf and decapitated statues. It’s got a great Shirley Bassey theme song. Add in Pussy Galore, and you have probably the perfect James Bond movie. Still holds up after 45 years.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope +++++

Come on, it’s freakin’ Star Wars for cryin’ out loud! Back when it was good, before all the Ewoks, Jar Jars, and CGIs. Why they don’t make movies like this anymore is beyond me.

Law Abiding Citizen ++-

eh, was okay, the ending was kind of lack luster….really, that was it, it was <blank>?

Kick-Ass ++++-

Fun, Funny & action packed.

Tenure +++-

Nothing really new here, but was pretty good. I like Luke Wilson. Fairly predictable but enjoyable none the less.

Invictus ++++

decent film. Good story, good build up and tension even for recorded historical events.

Red Baron +++

Not bad, kinda slow, not enough air fights, but the ones they did show looked pretty cool. interesting insights. worth a watch if you can get around to it, but I wouldn’t go super out of your way to see it.

Cop Out +++

rented it (for free). I enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting much, figuring Smith’s best days are far behind him, as he has no Way-back machine to recapture Clerks or Dogma glory. Some truly funny bits, and I think for the first time ever in a Kevin Smith movie, multiple camera angles! Fairly standard buddy-cop stuff, not many twists, but a consistent level of humour throughout the film.

The Losers +++-

I enjoyed it. rather mindless, but fun action-er. Nice stunts, some inventive scenes.

Clash of the Titan (1981) +++-

Clearly the originals can’t be repeated.

Clash of the Titans (2010) +++

nice effects, differs from the original a bit, not bad, lacked Harryhausen though.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel ++++

a great movie about imagineers, not nerds.

Operation: Endgame +++

Not bad, rather mindless. Fairly fun. If you’re looking for a “how-to” of killing with office supplies, this could be it. A little politically preachy but all in all, tolerable.

The Expendables +++

over the top action, over the top fights, over the top “stars”. Rather thin on story, and there could have been a lot more cheesy dialogue that they missed out on. Not bad, didn’t have to think much through it.

Gunless ++++

I enjoyed it. Fun, Canadian, Western. What more do you need? While not LOL hilarious, the humour was smart. Nice little nod with the Northwest Mounted Police confronting the only “American” Paul Gross. I would recommend it. Good cast, with the first Sabretooth (Tyler Mane), and the second Ray (Callum Keith Rennie). And what Canadian western production would be complete without Graham Greene, and a horse named “Glue”?

Death at a Funeral (2007) +++-

Quite funny. I’m willing to bet better than the American remake, though I have little intention of watching it and finding out for sure. Great cast, great material. Good for a laugh, and it’s directed by Frank Oz, come on, the voice of Fozzie Bear must know comedy!

Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot) +++-

Good movie, very well filmed, great shots, lighting, and colour. Very witty, well done with quirky characters and a clever plot

Bullitt (1968) ++-

while I appreciate what the film tried to do, and has done for both the crime dramas and car chases that followed, I found the movie rather slow. Yes, it was very authentic for procedures (of the time, “dust these for prints”, don’t mind that we’re not wearing gloves while checking the evidence), but the pacing of the movie was very slow I thought. Jacqueline Bisset was really an unnecessary character, though still nice to look at. There seemed to me to be a surprising lack of dialogue, lots of staring, lots of pondering, lots of silence. What I did kind of enjoy however, in contrast to movies today, there wasn’t any real back story to the characters, such as the mandatory “origin story” we get in most of today’s movies, he was a good cop, accept it, don’t get the story that he’s a good cop because his father didn’t want him to be or other such cliche. The car chase was of course a classic, very good, especially from a camera point of view, but take that away, and the movie loses a lot. For a thriller, I found a surprising lack of suspense, given that the twist is revealed to the audience 10 minutes before Bullitt finds it out. I don’t know, I guess I’m just disappointed after hearing a lot of people say how great it was going to be.

The Trotsky +++-

Good movie, I really like Jay Baruchel’s work.

Leaves of Grass +++-

Good movie. A comedic drama, with Ed Norton delivering a great job playing the twin brother leads. Any Norton fan will appreciate how good an actor he really is. Surprising supporting cast (Sarandon, Dreyfuss, Russell), also all very good, and a nice job from writer, director, supporting actor Tim Blake Nelson. The plot took a few twists, but was fairly predictable at points (why did they introduce this dentist? oh there he is again, now I know what he’ll do). I liked the main premise of the movie and would recommend it.

Perrier’s Bounty ++++

A very good black comedy. Great performances, funny script, good action, good pacing. Great Irish gangster movie.

Red ++++

Very fun movie. Very entertaining. Well cast. Good action. Well paced. Ernest Borgnine is great as always…okay, he was only in it for like two or three scenes, but we all have our favourite old actors. I think I’ll try to track down a graphic novel to read more into Red. Who wants to get pancakes?

Casablanca ++++-

Great movie. All time classic. Great casting, lighting, music. Quoted infinitely.

As you can see there wasn’t much to a lot of these, but still there was enough to split this into several posts.  Don’t worry, a corner will be turning very soon…


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