Review – Frankie Go Boom

Product Details3.5 Stars

Want a funny movie to pass the night?  Might I suggest Frankie Go Boom.  Starring Charlie Hunnam and Chris O’Dowd and featuring an all-star supporting cast, Frankie Go Boom made me laugh quite a bit.  Bruce (O’Dowd) has just gotten out of rehab and his family his having a graduation party for him, but his little brother Frankie (Hunnam) wants no part of it.  Bruce has always tormented him, and captured it on film.  One moment that Bruce filmed was at Frankie’s wedding when he found out that his fiancee was cheating on him, and when that video went viral on the internet a huge rift formed between the two brothers.  Now swearing to behave, Bruce is still set on becoming a director, but his promise may have hit a snag when he films Frankie’s encounter with a drunk girl on the way home from the rehab graduation.  Lassie (Lizzy Caplan) is upset that she just caught her fiancee cheating on her…with the pool boy.  Heading back to Frankie’s parents house the two attempt a romantic liaison…attempt being the operative word.  After hours of trying, Frankie and Lassie do manage to “do the deed” and at least Bruce didn’t film that, but the next morning Frankie finds out that it was filmed and that their sex tape was accidentally uploaded by Bruce’s editor (Whitney Cummings).  Bruce and Frankie frantically try to get the footage removed, but the “impotent guy sex tape” is gaining popularity.  The worst part is that Frankie truly has feelings for Lassie, and it turns out that she’s the daughter of Jack (Chris Noth), the violent drunk actor who Bruce met in rehab and has picked Bruce to direct his next work.

The movie had a lot of funny scenes, and each worked well primarily because of the casting.  I’ve long been a fan of Chris O’Dowd, loving him in The IT Crowd and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel and he was as funny here as always.  The supporting cast really did make this movie though, Noth was an excellent crazy actor, Caplan was very likeable, and even Bruce and Frankie’s parents were excellently played by Sam Anderson and Nora Dunn.  Charlie Hunnam played an excellent beleaguered brother and meshed well with everyone, but some of the best scenes in the film were with Hunnam and Ron Perlman.  Perlman was Phil, Bruce’s old cellmate from when he was an addict and in prison before rehab.  Phil went away for stealing millions of dollars from a bank via the internet and would be the perfect person to help the brothers take the video offline.  Phil however is now Phyllis, having gone through a sex change operation to become the woman he thinks he….she is.  The Frankie and Phyllis scenes were hilarious, and Perlman was probably the most perfectly cast woman in years.  I have always had a lot of respect for Perlman as an actor, but seldom thought of him as a comedic player, that changed with Frankie Go Boom, because his range and comedic skills stole the show.

A definite indie film with a funny premise, good dialogue and that draws on a lot of “who you know” casting, but it is the casting that really makes the movie likeable, and oh yeah it has a pig that gets thrown into a pool, so it pretty much has everything.


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