Peter Capaldi


So, there we have it, Peter Capaldi has been officially announced as the twelfth Doctor, taking over for Matt Smith at this year’s Christmas special.  SPOILER ALERT: this will be a very rambling post.

I have mixed emotions going into the Capaldi era, where to begin?  I was discussing with someone yesterday that I wasn’t sure I wanted to know who the next Doctor would be.  This Internet world we live in though makes it hard to keep things secret and even harder to be surprised.  To be properly surprised by the revelation of the next Doctor, one would have to go offline completely for the next four and a half months, and possibly climb a mountain or enter a coma to avoid human contact.  Now that we do know, how critical will we be?  It’s easy now to be critical, we can look up everything that Capaldi has previously done.

Is this better?  Where did the surprise go?  I want the surprise.

You can read a lot into casting announcements.  For Doctor Who and any show really.  In a sense the make me wonder how confident the powers that be are with their decisions.  You know they will be monitoring the Internet to see what the fandom thinks of their choice.  I will bet that they will tweak things based on their readings.  If a show were clever enough, they could appease all their fans by having the fans write their series for them, simply based on the popularity of their own ideas passed around on fan forums.  Imagine that!

Matt Smith’s Doctor has finally grown on me, especially this last half season, so I will be sad to see him pass the torch, but I do expect Capaldi to do an excellent job taking over.  I suppose my big question is about timing.  Now,  remember, regeneration means that the Doctor has died.  Yes it is usually in some giant world saving, self sacrificing way; but still is it right to kill him at Christmas?  Time of joy and all that?  Bit of a downer eh?  “Hooray mummy, let’s watch the fun Christmas themed Doctor Who episode tonight.  The Doctor’s my favourite, he’s great and always wins, he’s indestructible!”  Explain this year to the kids.  What’s worse is that you’ll probably also have to explain why they then have to wait until April to see this new Doctor do anything!

Well, those are my quick thoughts on the heels of today’s announcement.  I figured since I proclaim to be the biggest Doctor Who fan in St. Catharines (Ontario), I should put something down on what is as close to paper as we get these days.  Enjoy, enjoy; and as always, comment below.  I really would like to hear what others think of not only the choice of Peter Capaldi but the timing and direction they think the show will take.


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  1. OK. I think he is a good actor. I am pleased.

    Matt Smith came in on New Year’s Day, whirling and about to crash, in huge excitement. I don’t think that was a downer ending.


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