Review Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy-Tix.jpg   4 Stars

Sunday I spent a small fortune going to the theatre and watching the second Percy Jackson movie with my sons.  My oldest boy has read all the books, and just finished re-reading Sea of Monsters.  My middle son (10) has also read some of them, leaving just myself and my  youngest as the only ones who have only enjoyed Rick Riordan’s works as a film.  Thankfully we watched in plain old regular 2D, but with snacks (which did double as lunch) it was close to $75 for the four of us!  Absolutely incredible!  Thankfully I had saved up some gift cards I had received from work, or I would have needed to take out a small loan!  Regardless, the boys enjoyed the movie and their afternoon with me, so it was worth it.

The movie was fun, dealing with the adventures of a group of demigods (one of their parents is human, and the other a Greek god).  They all live safely in Camp Halfblood,where a magical barrier protects them from the outside world and from mythological threats from their own.  One vengeful demigod however damages the barrier and threatens them all.  Naturally a quest is in order as Percy and his friends must find the Golden Fleece to save their world (and ultimately ours) from these rogue factions who wish to revive Cronos, the first Titan, who ate his children but was killed by brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades; giving birth to the Greek gods we all know.  Now, from what I remember, the base mythology the movie (and presumably the books) follows is for the most part correct.  The special effects were really good, with lots of mythological creatures, weapons and powers to keep the story rolling along quite nicely.  As with the first movie, Sea of Monsters has an impressive supporting cast, though gone are Steve Coogan as Hades and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron.  Brosnan was replaced by Anthony Stewart Head (as Chiron) and this time around we have Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion to provide some comic relief as well as the sense of parenthood the younger stars’ characters needed.  Sean Bean was Poseidon in the last movie and though credited on IMDb doesn’t make an appearance this time around, perhaps he will in a deleted or extended scene on DVD.  While the central cast had a lot of humorous scenes too, they also got to undertake the more serious parts and the action sequences of the story.

Logan Lerman was very good in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and continued to perform well as Percy.   Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T Jackson work nicely with Lerman as  Annabeth and Grover respectively, rounding out his “team” and all had good chemistry with series newcomers Leven Rambin who has become Percy’s arch rival for the spot of “top demi-god” of Camp Half Blood, and Douglas Smith who plays Tyson, Percy’s cyclops half-brother.

I enjoyed this film a lot; mainly because I got to go with my kids and share it with them before anyone else did, but it was also just a fun movie to watch; a nice mix of action, comedy and drama.  The Percy Jackson franchise has a huge fanbase, with thoughts that it could have become the next Harry Potter.  I don’t know if that’s possible as I haven’t read any of the books  and there are five books so far, but after seeing this I might just pick up the first one.  I’ve read other books that weren’t necessarily aimed at my demographic for sillier reasons, so why not?


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