Blood Shot – DVD Review 2.5/5 stars

Product Details2.5 Stars

A vampire who’s a CIA assassin who has to team up with the cop who’s been hunting him?  That should be good….for a laugh or two.  And actually it was.  Definitely not a good movie, but a pretty good “bad” movie.

A terrorist with an incredibly long name who everyone shortens to “Bob” (Brad Dourif) is planning an attack on US soil, so the President (Christopher Lambert!) calls Lance Henriksen (the head of the CIA’s “supernatural” division) to get their vampire agent (Michael Bailey Smith) on the case.  Turns out this vampire isn’t that evil, and he only kills bad guys now.  Unfortunately there’s a cop named Rip (Brennan Elliott) who’s been hunting him.  Rip stumbles his way into the crossfire between the Vampire and the terrorists, and soon becomes involved as the terrorists kidnap his estranged wife…  Bob and his army (which consists of several midgets….) tunnel their way from a mosque into a nuclear reactor to steal the fuel they need for their bomb and corrupt the Vampire with a Djinn (genie)…  Soon Rip frees the vampire from the evil spell and re-traps the genie in it’s lamp (or whatever it was) so the two can pair up, save Rip’s wife and stop the bomb from destroying Washington (or wherever they were).

This “bad” film came to us courtesy of so-so acting, decent action scenes (which were basically just gunfights) and a paper thin plot.  Shamefully I did enjoy it though.  Every once in a while I like movies you don’t have to think about.  Those are often the movies where I end up laughing at the wrong parts… The action was as mindless as most of the story.  I picked it up only because I remember how much I enjoyed the television show Forever Knight, which told the stories of Toronto night shift homicide detective Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), who was a vampire who had found his conscience years ago and was trying to make amends for his evil past as well as try to find a cure for his vampirism.

Bottom line: I watched three episodes of Forever Knight after Blood Shot.  I enjoyed them more than the movie.


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