Bad Grandpa – Blu Ray Review 5/5 Stars

Product Details5 Stars

First, this won’t be for everyone; particularly the easily offended; but boy oh boy did I laugh.  I was in tears at some points. Now, I’ve had funny things happen in my life, things so outrageous and so inane that people think I’ve made them up and I’ve been told on occasion that I’m a funny guy, but no one can script anything funnier than real life.  That’s exactly what Bad Grandpa is.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa; eighty-six year old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) has just lost his wife, (and couldn’t be happier) but now he has to drive his grandson Billy to North Carolina to drop him off with his deadbeat father while his mother goes to jail.  Along the way, Irving and Billy get into more hilarious predicaments than you could ever expect.  While the predicaments are scripted, the reactions are not.  The Jackass crew set out with the goal of making a “hidden camera” movie and it worked.  I have seen the first Jackass movie, and while it was funny, I found a lot of it stupid.  The stunts and gross-out humour parts really didn’t do a lot for me, but the hidden camera work where they pranked the unsuspecting public, was great.  Bad Grandpa does this, but does it better.  There is a storyline, and through it you actually get some character development.  Did you realize that Spike Jonze, the same guy who brought Her to the big screen this year also co-wrote the screenplay?  That’s a bit of a surprise, but also lends a lot of credit to the project.

I won’t get into the jokes here, but definitely recommend watching this one on Blu Ray for the special features that appear to be lacking on the DVD release.  The deleted scenes are okay, but you will really want to watch the behind the scenes footage.  They show you the setup behind some of the scenes, how a few of the stunts were achieved, but they also show you the after effects of the scene where they let the non-actors know what just happened to them.  Their reactions on camera were great, and some of their reactions afterwards were even better.

Bottom Line: I found some BTS footage, watched it before finishing this post off, and now want to see the movie again.  I’ve been in need of a good laugh for a while, and Bad Grandpa was just the cure, an absolutely hilarious film.


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