Dallas Buyers Club – DVD Review 3.5/5 stars

Product Details3.5 Stars

With Dallas Buyers Club, I’ve finally seen one of the films nominated for best picture. It was well acted, and I can see why it got the nominations, and the praise. It was an interesting story and a good story.

Movies that are “based on a true story” can be tricky. If the story is too faithful, it can make for a rather slow movie. If you embellish too much, it can lose credibility.  Dallas Buyers Club seems to have found a pretty good balance.  I was not familiar with the story at all before watching the film, so it did do a good job of holding my interest.

Best Actor nominee Matthew McConaughey plays Roy Woodroof, a heterosexual Dallas man who contracts HIV and AIDS in the mid 1980s. He goes through the typical range of emotions as he deals with his death sentence, but ultimately he decides to fight back. Not against the disease, but against the FDA who will not authorize the use of many drugs that had been proven helpful in places like Europe, Japan and even Mexico. He begins importing (and smuggling) the necessary drugs from all over the world and sets up shop selling them to infected patients.  When he is prevented from selling the drugs, he starts giving them away, but charging a membership fee to his clients, hence the “Dallas Buyers Club”.

The performances were very good, particularly Jared Leto as Rayon, who could quite possibly take home the Best Supporting Actor award this year.  McConaughey himself was excellent as well.  I haven’t seen that many of his films, but I know people have said in the past he was a bad actor.  From the few that I’ve seen (Mud, Bernie, Dallas Buyers Club) he’s a very good actor.  Maybe I’m just catching him as he’s hit his stride, and only watching his “good” films, but what’s wrong with that?

Bottom Line: it kind of left me with the same feeling as Argo did.  Not a bad feeling, but I didn’t see what was really “great” about it.


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