Best Man Down – DVD Review 4/5 stars

Product Details4 Stars

Now, this was a movie I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. It seems now that whenever I see a movie with an actor (or actress) that impresses me, I tend to follow them as much as possible. I really enjoyed Tyler Labine in Tucker and Dale vs Evil, more recently in Cottage Country, and even in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, so it was only natural that I would watch this one too. This trailer struck me though as something different. Instead of being another comedy, Best Man Down looked like something that could be a bit more dramatic.  Best Man Down was not a comedy (not even a dark comedy) though there was humour throughout the film; instead it was a touching film about friendship, and how well we know our friends and through that, how well we know ourselves.

Best Man Down tells the story of Scott (Justin Long) and Kristin’s (Jessica Weixler) wedding which is interrupted by the death their best man “Lumpy” (Tyler Labine). As they plan Lumpy’s funeral, they learn things they didn’t know about their friend. It seems Lumpy had a whole secret life that they were unaware of. Somehow he had befriended a fifteen year old girl named Ramsey (Addison Timlin) who lives an hour away and was spending all his weekends and spare time with her. Now Scott and Kristin set out to discover what the nature of Ramsey and Lumpy’s relationship was. Along the way, Best Man Down asks us how well do we know our friends?  The bride and groom assume they know their best man, but there is a young girl who has a relationship with him that no one knows about, and this mystery leads to Lumpy’s two worlds coming together, and everyone learning more about their late friend.

Both Long and Labine gave good performances, and it was nice to see them both in a departure from comedy, but Timlin as Ramsey was really the stand out in my opinion. I remember being rather impressed with her performance in Stand Up Guys, so she may be the next one to keep an eye on.  Best Man Down had some of the best developed characters that I had seen in quite a while.  All four leads had great backstories and by showing us those of Lumpy and Ramsey we got to really feel for the characters and I think that was what the movie was all about.  Great characters, great acting and a really strong script makes for a highly enjoyable film that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Bottom line:  Now I look forward to Labine’s next film Someone Marry Barry, where he teams up once again with Lucy Punch.  I wish I was that lucky!


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