Violet & Daisy – DVD review 4/5 stars

Violet&Daisy4 Stars

(I know, I usually put the cover of the DVD or Blu Ray here unless I’ve seen the movie in theatres in which case I use a theatrical poster.  Well, tonight I watched Violet & Daisy, I loved the movie, but found the DVD cover a little plain.  The only bonus feature on the disc was a poster gallery for the film, and they all looked a lot better (in my opinion) than the DVD cover so I’ve put them together for all who read to see.)

Well, this was one of the quirkier films I’ve seen in a while, and I loved just about every minute of it.  I’ve gotten on a Saoirse Ronan kick all of a sudden after seeing How I Live Now, so I decided to pick up Violet & Daisy rather than Atonement simply because I’m in the mood for something a little lighter right now, and the story of two teenage girls who were also assassins (or hit-women I guess) who chew bubble gum while kicking ass seemed to fit the bill.

Violet (Alexis Bledel) and Daisy (Ronan) are all set to take some time off from the contract killing business but get called in for one more “easy” job, the target (James Gandolfini) robbed their boss so they are sent to kill him.  Waiting for him to come home to his death, they fall asleep on his couch.  When they wake up the find that he’s covered them up, waited for them in his chair across the room, and even made them a snack.  He was expecting them, or at least someone like them to arrive and kill him.  After a series of comical misses, their target (who is graciously waiting to be killed) begins to open up to the girls as they learn why he seemingly wants to die, and in turn the girls open up to the man (quick side note here: IMDb lists Gandolfini’s character’s name as Michael, but I don’t recall ever hearing his name used) and tell him their story.  Violet and Daisy fight off a team of rival hitmen, a higher up assassin in their own organization, thwart the robbery of a hardware store and Daisy even gets a new dress from their target.

The cinematography of the film was great, everything looked very crisp and very stylish.  The colours, the lighting, the music all clicked perfectly in Geoffrey Fletcher’s directorial debut.  Of course the acting was excellent; all three of the leads were excellent with Gandolfini really doing an amazing job.  It is indeed very sad that he passed away so recently and that he was so young.  I think that Saoirse Ronan will continue to impress with a long and excellent acting career in her future.  To be nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar at thirteen is certainly impressive and I’m sure more nominations and awards will come her way. The story was a great balance of quirky dark comedy, heartfelt dramatic moments and over the top violence.  Sure a few things may have been pretty obvious and clichéd but with the high levels of everything else in the film it was easy to let that slide,

Bottom Line: a nap really can do wonders for you, and so can a good dance, even the “Internal Bleeding Dance“.


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