Kick-Ass 2 – Blu Ray review 3.5/5 stars

Product Details3.5 Stars

It seems like a few years have passed since the first Kick-Ass film, well I know that a few years have actually passed, but in the film’s universe it feels like Kick-Ass 2 is set a few years later than Kick-Ass.  Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are both in high school but Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) hasn’t really done a lot of super-heroing lately.  Mindy (Chloë Grace Moretz) is still training like crazy and finally accepts Dave’s request to train him.  He really does want to do better and make a difference in the city, unfortunately he really lacked the skills as Kick-Ass.  Hit-Girl is all business until she is discovered by her foster father (her father Big Daddy’s old partner Detective Marcus Williams).  He forces her to give up her Hit-Girl life and just be a normal teen, and she promises that she will, and that puts an end to Dave’s training and dream of being a super hero team.  Dave rebounds and finds a group of other costumed “vigilantes” known collectively as Justice Forever.  They consist of a ballet teacher who calls herself Night Bitch (Lindy Booth), Battle Guy; who turns out to be his friend Marty (Clark Duke), a fake physics teacher calling himself Dr. Gravity (Donald Faison) and their leader Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) who is a former mafia enforcer.  The team doesn’t really stop crime though, they do community service, neighbourhood watch sort of things, help out in a soup kitchen and actually make a difference.  The do work themselves up to taking on a small time human trafficking ring which brings them to the attention of The Motherfu**er…the city’s first super villain.  Red Mist was his super hero name, now Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is set to get revenge on Kick-Ass for killing his father at the end of the first movie.  The Mother….Chris elevates matters and hires a bunch of crazy criminals to be his team of “super villains”, which causes the police to arrest anyone they think may be a costumed vigilante, even if they’re working in a soup kitchen.  Members of Justice Forever get attacked, Dave’s father get’s arrested and Hit-Girl is still out of the game and dealing with the problems of her own, another team of “super villains”: the popular girls in high school.  This is a comic book movie, so comic book logic and plotting will kick in eventually and there will be an epic battle where right will triumph, evil will fall, and Mindy will of course become Hit-Girl again; so why do we watch these films?  Because they have a whole lot of fun taking us to the place we know we’re going to.

Bottom Line: still fun, as a movie on it’s own it was a pretty decent action film, with comic book roots.  As a sequel though it didn’t leave me with the same excitement or fun and wonder that I had after the first one, but those were pretty high expectations to meet again.


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  1. I gave it a 6.5 out of 10, so you’re a little higher than me, but we’re both int he same ballpark.


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