Hockey induced blogging hiatus. #BecauseItsTheCup


Sorry folks, haven’t been watching many movies lately, for two reasons.

First, there haven’t been very many quality films that I’ve been interested in lately.  There have been a few films that I’ve been waiting or and I have watched them, so I will get around to reviewing them.

Second, it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs.  With multiple games on virtually every night I’ve been busy.  I’m even typing this right now while watching the Minnesota Wild – Chicago Blackhawks game (tied up halfway through the second).

Who am I going for?  I’m not sure.  With the New York Rangers’ win tonight we’re guaranteed at least one Original Six team in the final.  If Chicago makes it past Minnesota I’d put money on them being in the final too, and an all Original Six final is always exciting.  I’m a Leafs fan so it’s a hard one in the East, our hated rivals the Montreal Canadiens are the only Canadian team in the playoffs, so I kind of have to root for them.  The Boston Bruins put us out last year in game seven of round one, so I hate them for that, but they also have Dougie Hamilton who I like as I watched him play for several years with my local/hometown OHL team, the Niagara Ice Dogs.  It’s nice to see Dougie getting lots of quality ice time teamed up with Chara so who knows about this one.

In the West it’s a lot easier, I think I’ve become a Minnesota Wild fan.  They’ve got crazily enthusiastic fans, a lot of heart, seem to be a team made up of “underdogs”; in that they don’t seem to have any billion dollar superstar players; and I even like their sweaters.  These alternates are a lot better (imho) than their other uniforms with the animal head-forestscape logo.

Ah well, Let’s Go Wild, and I suppose Go Habs Go.  Don’t worry, once time frees up, I’ll get back to reviewing some movies, of course the Memorial Cup starts Friday, and is within driving distance….


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