Gambit – DVD review 3.5/5 stars

Product Details3.5 Stars

This was a Coen brothers film?  How come there was no hype for it?  Well first it was a remake of the 1966 film of the same name starring Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine which I hadn’t even heard of.  It was originally brought to Joel and Ethan Coen to be rewritten in the late 1990s and then bounced around in limbo as director after director and star after star were attached and unattached through the years.  In 2008 Colin Firth denied being signed on for the film despite the Coen brothers script that he called brilliant.  Finally in 2011 the film was greenlit and Firth was confirmed for the lead with Cameron Diaz as well as Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci, Cloris Leachman, and Tom Courtenay.  The film was finally completed in 2012 and apparently was released to theatres, though it preformed poorly.  I had assumed it was a direct to video release and was surprised with such big stars involved that it could be.  Still, big stars don’t always make for a hit, as critics and audiences were less than impressed (Rotten Tomatoes gives Gambit an 18% critic, 23% audience, 2.6/5 score and IMDb gives it a 5.7/10).  I actually rather enjoyed it, finding this art heist film both funny and cleverly executed.

Colin Firth plays Harry Deane, an art expert who is fed up with his ignorant and tyrannical boss (Alan Rickman) and decides to enlist an American rodeo rider (Cameron Diaz) to swindle away his priceless Monet.  From there we learn that though Deane may be a genius in the art world but he is not a criminal mastermind, as his plans start hitting snag after snag.  Well, you know I’m a sucker for a heist movie and if it’s a funny heist movie all the better so I quite enjoyed it.  The story was decent and humour well paced, and the fact that it had an excellent cast really didn’t hurt either.  Sure there are probably better heist films out there, and better Coen brothers films too, but you can certainly do a lot worse so I say give Gambit a try.

Bottom Line: I’m having a real hard time these days putting fingers to keyboard (as we no longer put pen to paper it seems); there aren’t very many good movies out right now for me to watch and review.  When I do watch something it seems lately I just don’t have the energy or drive to type it up.  I realize that even this review was a lot shorter than many I’ve done.  Hopefully things will turn around and rather quickly.  I just need a spark…again.


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