Under the Skin – DVD Review 4/5 stars

Product Details4 Stars

Scarlett Johansson as an alien in quiet Scottish towns, who lures men into her van to never be seen again?  Okay, I’ll watch that.  A director friend of mine had seen Under the Skin at TIFF and told me he was quite impressed by it.  From his quick descriptions I was intrigued, but after watching the film, I know that this one won’t be for everyone’s tastes.

Under the Skin was an excellent bit of science fiction and what made it great for me, was that there was really no exposition in the film.  Nothing was spelled out, you had to pay attention and figure out everything for yourself.  What was the alien’s motivation?  What was the plan?Was this an alien invasion, was this isolated?  Why were these Scottish men being taken?

A lot of the film was done with hidden cameras and many of the men that….well as she didn’t really have a name I’ll just call her Scarlett; many of the men that Scarlett selected were not even actors.  The men she selected whose fates we actually saw were amateur actors however, as a bit more was required of them.  This was a very interesting indie-ish film, full of interesting camera shots and best of all, things that made you think.  If you’re in the mood for something different and like to be challenged with your movies once in a while, give this a try.  It was very good, and very “outside of the norm”.

Bottom Line: plenty of nudity in this one for everyone!


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