I’ll Follow You Down – DVD Review 3.5/5 stars

Product Details3.5 Stars

A nice little “timey-wimey” film, that satisfied my leftover thirst for time travel intrigue after being disappointed with the last few weeks of Doctor Who.

Haley Joel Osment plays Erol, a genius whose physicist father (Gabe, played by Rufus Sewell) disappears when he is eight years old, leaving he and his mother, Marika (Gillian Anderson), to grow up on their own, always wondering what happened.  Marika’s father Sal (Victor Garber) may just have the answer though.  He’s been pouring over Gabe’s old notes and suspects that his investigations into stable wormholes may have been successful and Gabe may have gone back in time only to meet his demise in a dark alley one night.  Presenting his theory to Erol, Sal is rejected until a tragic event causes Erol to reconsider and help his grandfather recreate the experiment to go back and save his father and bring him back to the future…or to his present…well, what was his present…back to avoid his disappearance we’ll say.

You know, I rather enjoyed it.  I’ll Follow You Down had some pretty strong acting.  Haley Joel Osment was very believable and I really enjoyed Victor Garber.  He’s one of those actors who is constantly working, but almost overlooked because he is so active.  He has 119 acting credits on his IMDb page, and you’ve probably seen him in some of them, but forgot he was there, because he is so natural.  Gillian Anderson was a pleasant surprise as well, mainly because I didn’t know in advance that she was in it.

The story was quite well written, and seemed to be consistent with itself in it’s own science-fiction-ness, which I am grateful for after watching my favourite time travelling science-fiction show shoot continuity and cannon to pieces lately.  On top of the time travel fun, there were several neat little mysteries hidden in I’ll Follow You Down.  There was one plotline that I thought I had figured out, and had started dismissing the film as being too predictable and too derivative of other similar themed shows, but I was wrong and glad of it.  The several light twists and turns in the plot made it a pretty enjoyable film.

Bottom Line: fun, a bit different, well acted, and Gillian Anderson is still easy on the eyes…can’t believe I just typed that.


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