Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express Series 8 Episode 8 Review

The number of evil twice over, they that bear the Foretold’s stare, have sixty-six seconds to live.

I love a good mystery….

Mummy on the Orient Express was actually pretty good I thought.  It was probably the second episode this season I actually quite enjoyed.  I was tense though the whole episode long.  Especially at the end, where I was expecting things to go off the rails…sorry, train pun… I was expecting things to go off the rails in that typical Moffat style.  Where someone thinks there need to be twists added and egos to be stroked, and we’re not just allowed to enjoy what we have seen.

The Doctor takes Clara for a “last hurrah”, one more trip in time and space as she’s said that she hates him and wants to be done with their adventures.  They go to the Orient Express, a space train that reminded me of Galaxy Express 999.  As soon as they arrive they discover the death of a 100 year old woman who claimed to have seen a mummy coming towards her at the time of her death.  The mummy is The Foretold, an ancient myth.  A monster that is only visible to it’s victim and cannot be escaped, and once the mummy appears, the victim has sixty-six seconds to live.  As more passengers die, the Doctor takes charge of the investigation as he realizes that he and the other passengers are all experts in alien sciences and legends; just the sort of people he’d have around if he were trying to solve the mystery of the Foretold.  It turns out the train is a trap of sorts, and the passengers were all brought there by “Gus”, who it turns out is not just the name of the train’s computerized conductor system.  Gus has lured several expeditions to several ships to solve the mystery of the Foretold so he can reverse engineer the mummy’s abilities and use it, presumably as a weapon.  Now the Doctor and Clara have to not only fend off and solve the mystery of an invisible, teleporting mummy, but also deal with their murderous host who thinks nothing of expelling the cooking crew into space if the work his experts are doing on his problem are not to his liking.

  • The logic behind the mummy and it’s victims (and it’s abilities) I thought was actually well written and well thought out.
  • The Doctor talking to himself in the bed was a bit odd, but I suppose it worked, and built up a need for him to travel with Clara.  We’re shown what he might be like if he did actually travel alone.
  • It seemed there were too many people talking over each other.  This episode will need repeat watching because I’m sure I missed lots of important dialogue.
  • The episode seemed rushed, but I also thought it was the first of a two parter.
  • The train effect in space looked a bit cheap to me, but everything else looked pretty good.
  • I was half expecting Gus to be revealed as Max Capricorn
  • I was a little confused at the beginning as to why Clara was actually there after last week’s “break-up”.  It eventually made sense and worked, but I was kind of looking forward to an episode with only the Doctor.  It’s funny.  In the RTD era, I really enjoyed the “Doctor-less” episodes, but in the Moffat era, I yearn for “companion-less” episodes, like The Lodger or The Doctor’s Wife.

Okay, I’m on board for another week.  Time for some nachos.


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