Someone Marry Barry – ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

Product Details3.0 Stars

I was so looking forward to this one.  I always love a good comedy, and the casting of Lucy Punch and Tyler Labine really caught my eye. Labine was great in Best Man Down and of course Tucker and Dale vs Evil, but I’ve really loved Lucy Punch ever since Bad Teacher, and the first season of the British cop comedy/crime show Vexed (with Toby Stephens).  I saw the trailer for Someone Marry Barry quite a while ago, and was anxiously awaiting it to come to DVD.  As soon as it arrived in my store, I grabbed a copy for the weekend. 

Was I glad that I did?  Yes.  I’d say I did enjoy the movie, but it just wasn’t everything I hoped it would be.  I found a lot of the jokes repetitive, which kind of diluted the film.  It was still funny, but the jokes they kept falling back on seemed to be the “fart” jokes, which were funny once, but to me, really show a lack of creativity on the part of the writer.  Checking into the movie now, I see that the writer (Rob Pearlstein) also directed the film, and apparently wrote it on his own.  I’ve found that the writer/director combination doesn’t always work out well, especially for comedies.  Other than that, the story was quite entertaining, with some fairly good laughs, and fairly well written characters.

Every group of friends has a “Barry”.  The “Barry” is that friend who you’ve known since you were kids, but who just hasn’t been able to grow up and act their age.  They’re the one you have to bail out, they’re the one who gets you in trouble by association, but unfortunately you said you’d be “pals forever” so you’re stuck with them.  Desmond (Damon Wayans Jr.), Rafe (Hayes MacArthur) and Kurt (Thomas Middleditch) have a problem with their Barry (Tyler Labine) …who happens to be named Barry.  He’s gotten Desmond fired, disrupted the funeral of Rafe’s father, and is just a general pain.  Barry hasn’t grown up, and is still pulling the juvenile pranks and stunts he did in high school.  Their solution is that they need to make Barry someone else’s problem.  They need to find him a girlfriend.  After many failed attempts at setting Barry up, including speed dating, internet dating and even a mail order bride, Barry accidentally meets the girl of his dreams in Melanie Miller (Lucy Punch).  She’s just like Barry in every way.  Socially rude, loud, obnoxious, seemingly a horrible person, and therefore a perfect match.  But can the group survive with two “Barrys” among their crowd?  No.  They can’t.  Events unfold that cause them to kick both Barry and Mel out of their group, and then their lives seem to go back to normal.  Nice and boring normality.  Does the group need Barry back?  But will he come back?  And what of his “perfect” relationship with Mel that he’s also destroyed?

Someone Marry Barry is a pretty good buddy film, and a fairly light rom-com.  The humour is maybe too crude at times to really be considered a true romantic comedy.  I actually really enjoyed how the rest of the stories unfolded and the characters developed.  The acting was quite good and I enjoyed all the characters and obviously the casting.  Perhaps the only thing that should have been improved though was some of the joke writing, because Punch and Labine had a great back and forth in the cab they share at their first meeting, but that appeared to be improved.

Bottom Line: How is it that Tyler Labine has been in three films with Lucy Punch (Good Old Fashioned Orgy, Cottage Country, and now Barry) and I haven’t been in any?  Or met her…or anything… I’ll go back to writing reviews now.


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