Everly – ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

Product Details3.0 Stars

Salma Hayek plays a prostitute named Everly, who had been employed by Taiko (Hiroyuki Watanabe), a Yakuza boss, and kept in an apartment building (along with a dozen other prostitutes) for the last five years.  One day she makes contact with a police detective who smuggles her in a gun and a phone, so she can make her escape and then provide testimony to put the man away.  Unfortunately she is discovered, and has to fight her way past scores of assassins and soldiers.  She is not concerned with saving herself, Everly is only concerned that her mother and young daughter can escape and go into hiding.

You know, that was the only thing I didn’t like about this movie.  It over complicated itself with the subplot of Everly’s mother and daughter.  She’s stolen a lot of money from Taiko, and needs to get it to her mother so that she and her granddaughter can live happily ever after.  Unable to escape the building, Everly has them come to her to get the money, which of course will end disastrously.  I personally felt that the scenes with the mother and daughter were unnecessary and took away from the flow and action of the movie.  In the beginning, Everly was only contacting her mother by cell phone, and I think that they could have continued that all the way through, with a better result.  Never have the mother and daughter show up; make the movie more about the struggle to escape and get to them.

Hayek is an excellent action heroine, as she’s shown in films like Desperado and Banditas, and Everly certainly had a lot of action.  I personally really like Salma Hayek and have always enjoyed her work.  I did see the trailer a while ago, and was intrigued, but I will say that Hayek being cast as Everly is why I did watch the film.  There were a lot of unique characters for her to go through on her quest, which made the film a lot of fun for me.  Even though at the end of the day it was fairly repetitive, as Everly fought through wave after wave of assailants, it didn’t feel repetitive.  The ending was left fairly open so there could be a sequel somewhere down the road.  SPOILERS: We don’t know if the SWAT officer who took Everly’s daughter at the end was really a SWAT officer or another one of Taiko’s men, and we hear the heart monitor suddenly beep once as the film closes, so Everly is most likely alive.  An obvious sequel would have Everly tracking down the remnants of the gang who took her daughter, or if no sequel is ever made, I guess we can just assume Everly recovers and they live happily ever after.

Bottom Line: For what it was, it was fun, but in the last little while there have been a few absolutely excellent action films (The Equalizer and John Wick immediately spring to mind), and Everly isn’t really in the same league as those, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, it was just different.


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