Marvel’s Doctor Strange: my movie anticipations


Ever since Marvel started making movies based on their comic book characters, I held onto a small bit of hope that there would one day be a Doctor Strange movie.  Doctor Strange is my favourite comic book character, and I just love the thought of magic, so I can’t wait until the film’s premiere on November 4th, 2016.

Production is underway, and set photos are starting to circulate.


Benedict Cumberbatch is looking excellent as the Sorcerer Supreme, and even took time on a shooting break to visit a local comic book shop where someone thought to compare him to the cover art of Brian K. Vaughan’s Doctor Strange: The Oath.  Oath was an excellent miniseries/graphic novel and would be a good read for interested viewers who are still new to the character.


Even though this is a closeup of a shot where Strange and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are running down a New York street, it looked to me like Doc was being blasted by a huge gust of wind….perhaps by the Winds of Watoomb….


Looks like a spell is being cast here….


Why are you running when you have a Cloak of Levitation? Or is he actually beginning to take flight?


This seems to go a little against the comic book origin story of Doctor Strange.  In the comics, Stephen discovers Baron Mordo‘s treacheries towards the Ancient One before he begins his studies into the mystic arts.  Here they are apparently allies after Doctor Strange has gained some mystical knowledge.


I have no fear that Chiwetel Ejiofor will be excellent as Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo, but I’m not too sure about the swords… seems too much like the animated Doctor Strange movie from 2007.


The latest shots have shown Mads Mikkelsen as the unnamed villain of the piece.  Could he (and whoever this woman is) be the Dread Dormammu (and possibly his sister Umar the Unrelenting)?  Or someone possessed by Dormammu to give the Chaos Lord human form?


It’s possible, I suppose, but I think Dormammu is too big a villain for an “origin story”.  How is a newly trained sorcerer supposed to beat one of the most powerful demonic entities of the Marvel Universe in their first movie?  My money is on Kaluu though.  The look is similar (below), and it would make sense if they’re to utilize the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) in a larger role.



Who knows, who knows.  All I know is that I’m extremely excited about this film, and that the wait until November looks like it will be a long one…



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