Trainwreck – ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Product Details3.5 Stars

Alright, let’s just get the 2015 films done and behind me eh?  Another one I watched last year, but ran into a wall called life before I could review it, let’s see if I can tackle (and remember) Trainwreck.  It was quite funny, and had an interesting premise.  Amy Schumer stars as Amy, a girl who can’t commit or settle down with one man in her life.  Drinking heavily and going from one night stand to one night stand, and bouncing back to a boyfriend who thinks that they’re in a serious relationship (John Cena), Amy’s life really is a trainwreck… That is until she meets Aaron (Bill Hader) a doctor of sports medicine she is sent to write a story about for the men’s magazine she works at.  As the two seem to get serious and Amy gets her life on track, her old worries and fears of commitment resurface.  Will Amy slip back into her old ways?

Yes and no.  The movie was pretty funny at times but also pretty cookie cutter predictable.  It had a pretty good cast, as Hader and Schumer worked well together, and we even got to see Brie Larson as Amy’s sister before she won her Oscar for Best Actress in Room (yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve got to do a review for that too….).  But while Hader and Schumer were the stars, and did get most of the screen time, they weren’t the best thing about this film.  In my opinion, John Cena — a professional wrestler — and LeBron James — a basketball champion — stole every scene they were in.  Whenever there was a scene with either of them, I was in stitches.  Incredible comedic timing and delivery from two non comedians and two non actors, and unfortunately I think that speaks volumes about a movie that is lead by two comedians turned actors.  Trainwreck, which was directed by Judd Apatow and written by Amy Schumer, didn’t seem to know when to stop.  The movie itself was 2 hours and 5 mins according to IMDb, but I believe that the unrated Blu Ray cut was even longer!  To top it off, there were I believe more than 2 hours of bonus features on the disc!  Comedies should never be that long.

Good for some laughs, but it won’t be for everybody, as Schumer has made a name for herself with her “edgy” or crude humour.  I’m hesitant to say that this one may be just for Amy Schumer fans, but that may ultimately be the case.

Bottom Line: The last ten minutes of the film with the cheerleaders were absolutely pointless, and you shouldn’t need to have a “time filler” scene when you’re already pushing the two hour mark.


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  1. I wonder about anything that Apatow is involved in. Is this genuinely funny or am I gonna get two hours of vagina jokes ?


    • Lot of vagina jokes, and quite honestly very few characters that you can actually like or root for.
      There were some really good laughs, but oddly enough I thought they came from the athletes-cum-actors rather than the comedians-cum-actors


  2. Totally agree about the length and the supporting cast. Not sure why I expect anything different after being let down by Apatow so many times.


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