Peanuts Movie – ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Peanuts Movie4.5 Stars

Well, now that my Oscar type reviews are out of the way, I can get to catching up on reviewing the movies I chose to watch strictly for entertainment purposes, starting with tonight’s review of The Peanuts Movie.  I really do love cartoons, and they are definitely not just for kids anymore.  Some of my favourite movies in the past few years have been cartoons, and The Peanuts Movie has added itself to that list.

The story was a typical Peanuts tale as the gang was all there watching good ol’ Charlie Brown muddle through his school aged life.  Always the affable loser, nothing seems to go right in the young man’s life.  That football is always pulled away before he can kick it; his baseball team is yet to win a game (well, they’ve won a few times since the comic strip began in 1950, like here); he’s never successfully flown a kite, and will he ever be able to talk to that little red haired girl who moved in across the street?  But now, somehow, Charlie Brown has become the hero of the school by acing a standardized test!  Is the old blockhead really the smartest kid in the class?  Are things starting to look up for him?  Well, no actually.  Charlie Brown’s days in the sun are quickly blocked out by the dark clouds that are his sixty-plus years of history, but even that won’t keep him down for long.

Technically the film worked very well for me, as it successfully brought the two dimensional drawings of Charles Schulz to a three dimensional style of animation.  The way the animators achieved this was to essentially only show the characters in the front-on and profile views that we’d become accustomed to.  Showing the character as they would turn their head didn’t work, because they stopped looking like a Peanuts character halfway through the motion.

The Peanuts movie was charming and a I think did a great service to the fans of the original comic strip and it’s characters.  As I said, the whole Peanuts gang is involved, and even manages to include a separate Snoopy story into the film, as he envisions himself the WWI flying ace pitted against the Red Baron in a tale that somewhat parallel’s Charlie Brown’s own highs and lows of the film.  At the end of the day however the film is really about friendship and throughout the film Snoopy remains loyal to Charlie Brown; supporting him, caring for him, helping him and watching out for him, even when some of the other kids abandon him.  The ultimate underdog story, the ultimate story about a boy and his dog, and a great, feel good story.

Bottom Line: To me the whole film and tone of The Peanuts since their inception can be summed up by this picture:



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