Every Thing Will Be Fine – ★ ★ DVD Review

Product Details2.0 Stars

Holy crap was I suckered in by the trailer of this one!  You know, I gave James Franco the benefit of the doubt, I gave him a chance, and in all fairness, I don’t think he was really at fault in this film.  I’d say it was the directing.   The story was intriguing, the cast was good (Rachel McAdams and Charlotte Gainsbourg as well as James Franco), so what went wrong?  Every Thing Will Be Fine was nicely shot, but horribly paced.  It was understated to the extreme.  I’m sure there were deep and insightful meanings in every scene and that every thing was deliberate, but the film took everything so casually, that it was incredibly, incredibly tedious to watch.

James Franco plays an author who is up north to “get away from it all” and write his novel in peace and seclusion, far from the stressful life he lives with his girlfriend (McAdams).  While driving down a snowy country road he accidentally hits and kills a young child.  He doesn’t run, he admits it; owns up to it; tells the mother (Gainsbourg) and actually that’s how he finds out he killed the child’s brother; and from there he gets really sad and goes home?  He then breaks up with his girlfriend who was pushing him to live his life, and he meets another woman who has a child and along the way he finishes his book and gets really successful and the surviving brother tracks him down and shows him his own writings and then stalks him and breaks into his house and somehow the film ended….. This film was slow.  It crawled along at a paint-drying pace.  Every Thing Will Be Fine painstakingly impresses upon the audience that an artist has to suffer and study their grief in order to create great art.  I think I suffered enough by watching  this film that I could write a best seller.  I will give it a few positives, the premise was intriguing, it was visually well filmed, and it may have given a fairly realistic depiction of everyday life by showing someone making their breakfast or a cup of tea to read a book with, but it also boiled life down to monotony.  There was no laughter, and somehow even the potentially interesting moments the film picked, such as an accident at a county fair, were so painstakingly done for style instead of substance that any momentum they could have brought to the film was immediately killed.

It was so tortuously slow that I had to rewind the movie many times because I really thought that I might have fallen asleep and missed dialogue.  I hadn’t.

Bottom Line: There was a scene in this movie that was probably a good minute long showing James Franco walking to his front door to pickup the mail off the floor that the mailman had put through his mail slot.  He then walks back, thumbing through the envelopes, putting them on the table, YAWN……zzzzzz, huh?  He’s still checking the mail?


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