Backtrack – ★ ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

Product Details4.0 Stars

Backtrack was an interesting little ghost story and a little bit more.  It obviously drew a few ideas from The Sixth Sense
, as Adrien Brody plays a psychiatrist and it turns out that a group of his patients are ghosts, but this time (not really a spoiler as it’s written out on the back of the DVD case) he knows they’re ghosts, and they’re visiting him for a reason.

This one really veered off from the pure ghost story I thought I was getting and turned into more of a straight up mystery thriller as we do learn that these ghosts are linked to Peter Bower’s (Brody) past. And once Peter figures out his patients are ghosts he has to revisit his childhood to figure out why they’re haunting him.  As a child Peter and a friend witnessed a tragic train accident on the outskirts of their small Australian town.  The boys may have had something to do with the accident when they left their bikes by the tracks on a mission to spy on teenagers at a nearby “lovers lane”.  Fortunately Peter’s father (George Shevtsov) was the ranking police officer who helped cover for the boys, but now, all these years later, the ghosts of that night are back and trying to tell Peter something.  Now the mysteries really start to unravel as we learn of suppressed memories, the death of Peter’s own daughter, a serial killer, police corruption, and cover-up on top of cover-up…plus the vengeance of the dead.

Backtrack had a well crafted story, that took advantage of the supernatural for some frights, but didn’t entirely rely on the supernatural to tell its story.  The ghosts involved did keep you guessing, which I thought was part of the charm.  The acting was solid and the story was good, with a few frights and a good “jump scare” along the way.  I don’t actually know what made me watch Backtrack, as I’m not really a “horror” fan, and I’d say that ghost stories would certainly fall into the genre of horror.   It was probably because of the strong mystery/thriller aspects that I enjoyed Backtrack,  and perhaps the slight association with The Sixth Sense was what initially made me watch it.  Either way, I’m glad that I did.

Bottom Line: It may not be pure horror, and as such may not appeal to total horror fans, but if you’re looking to add a little thrill to your evening’s entertainment, I’d say Backtrack is worth watching.


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