Close Range – ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Close Range2.5 Stars

Scott Adkins plays Colton MacReady a former soldier turned soldier of fortune/outlaw who is called upon by his estranged sister (Caitlin Keats) to rescue his niece (Madison Lawlor) from a Mexican drug cartel.  The cartel kidnapped the girl because her father was caught skimming off the shipments he was arranging for them.  As MacReady brings the girl home the cartel follows, seeking revenge, and seeking a flash drive that MacReady stole from them containing information about their operation.  Now he has to deal with the corrupt local sheriff (Nick Chinlund) and his sister’s sleazy husband (Jake La Botz) until the cartel arrives bringing to the screen a non-stop flurry of fights, shoot-outs and chases.

Close Range was a decent action film, but I would have liked it if they had written it so we could have actually cared a bit about the characters.  Instead they just relied on us caring about the niece by default.  Even in a somewhat “mindless” action film you can develop the characters!  I really wasn’t that impressed by Colton MacReady, as the “hero” he really didn’t seem very skilled for all the talk about him in the film.  He seemed to be a rather poor shot (maybe that was to emphasize that he was under constant fire and pressure) and he sure seemed to waste a lot of bullets firing blindly at the bad guys.  Most of the good stuff was in the trailer, but it was entertaining enough.  Nothing unpredictable happens, so you can certainly miss this one, but it could fill your need for a quick (1 hour 20 minutes) action flick.

Bottom Line: It’s funny, when I see a sub-par movie I sometimes try to figure out what “better” film it reminds me of.  Close Range seemed to me to be a poor version of Taken. Guess what film I’m going to re-watch in the very very near future….


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