Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies3.5 Stars

I’d never read Pride & Prejudice before, and never seen any of the various Pride & Prejudice films before either (probably because it was never assigned to me in high school), but for some reason I was interested in seeing PP&Z.  It was probably due to the trailers with Lily James and her film sisters in corsets…I was quite entertained by everything about the film.

A plaque has descended upon England, but not a black plague this time, but a zombie plague.  With London separated from the rest of the English countryside by a giant moat, those not living in the great town live in constant fear of attack.  The Bennett family is one of those who live in such fear, and whose five daughters are all young and of a marrying age.  Their mother is extremely anxious to marry them off lest they become penniless spinsters.  The girls are shopped to suitors at balls and dinners, where deals are almost made to marry off Elizabeth, but she wishes to marry for love and not out of convenience.  The Bennett girls are all highly trained in the fine arts: sewing, music, dance, and the martial arts too, which is helpful when there are zombies around to crash your dinner party.

Lots of action; ample amounts of romance and drama;  lots of humour actually too.  The fights were good, and varied enough that the action sequences didn’t grow boring.  Often times in zombie films or television shows, it can easily become repetitive as zombies are just shot in the head time after time after time.  Decent effects, and good acting;  Lily James was excellent, and Matt Smith was fun to watch in something other than Doctor Who.   After watching I checked out online what happened in the original Pride & Prejudice, and surprisingly, the Zombified version was quite faithful….with just extra zombie….stuff…. but it did stick to the basic Jane Austen storyline.  The zombies weren’t overplayed or overused, and I’m sure that the whole thing was just a big commentary on the class structure of England.  It all worked very well, but it did have the benefit of being based on an all time classic.

Bottom Line: I probably won’t put Pride & Prejudice on my “to read” list, but I may add Pride & Prejudice & Zombies


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