Doctor Strange: A Primer


It’s just about two weeks until opening night, and my excitement for the Doctor Strange movie is growing by the day.  I’m a big fan of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme — I’ve got all the comic books, statues, figurines and toys that I could get my nerdy-geeky hands on.  And as Doctor Strange will be one of the very few movies I see in theatres this year, I may shell out the extra money to see it in whatever the IMAX super duper format is.  I usually wait to watch my movies on DVD (or Blu Ray), partially because I run a video store, but I find the home experience to be less distracting — no one talking through the film, cheaper popcorn, and the pause button is available for any potential bathroom breaks.  Sometimes though, I do miss the shared experience of the theatrical crowd.  I saw Star Wars VII The Force Awakens with a friend, and really enjoyed that.  Now, since Doctor Strange is not the most popular character, a lot of you may not know who he is, or what he is all about, as trailers can only tell you so much.  So, to prepare the novices so they don’t have to ask questions during the film here’s a little primer, Doctor Strange’s origin story from Strange Tales #115 in 1963.

drstrange01 drstrange02 drstrange03 drstrange04 drstrange05 drstrange06 drstrange07 drstrange08

I’ve always loved Doctor Strange’s origin story.  It was simple, quick, but efficiently tells the redemption story the character takes, as to how faithfully this will be handled by the movie I’m not sure.  From all I’ve seen Baron Mordo appears to be Strange’s ally throughout the film, though he quickly became one of Strange’s arch nemeses in print.  Of course Sinestro was a good guy in the Green Lantern and his evil nature was only hinted at after the credits….  Doctor Strange is hope, and magic, and fantasy and incredible magical powers as the Sorcerer Supreme sacrifices all to keep us safe.  A character who initially dedicated his life to saving others, who lost his way along a path of selfishness and material greed until he lost it all, but at a critical moment chose, once again, to try and save another.  He goes full circle, and as he does, on his journey, he finds inner peace, selflessness and inner power.  I love it.



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