Eddie the Eagle – ★ ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

Eddie the Eagle4.0 Stars

This was the ultimate feel good film.  Based on the true story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards, who came to be known as Eddie the Eagle, as he trained and competed to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games.  I think it’s always hard to bring a true story to the screen and keep it interesting, and in the case of one that happened nearly thirty years ago to keep it fresh.  I think what allows Eddie the Eagle to do this is the great casting, because who really is that interested in Olympic ski jumping?  There was a reason Eddie was on a team of one.  But, Hugh Jackman is an incredible draw, and Taron Egerton was shocking.  I could not believe this was the same guy who was in Kingsman: The Secret Service.  He really did make you root for Eddie, even though you knew the outcome of his Olympic endeavours.  Alright, maybe not everyone knew the outcome, because again, this was set nearly thirty years ago.

The world loves an underdog, and Eddie certainly was one.  As a child he was told to give up sports, but he kept trying, with the goal of winning an Olympic medal.  Not succeeding at any of the summer events, he focused his attention on winter sports vying to become a member of the British ski jumping team, of which he would be the only member.  Facing hurdles as well as long distance jumps, Eddie persevered and lived his dream.  Not winning a medal, but qualifying for the Olympics and actually competing, and despite all the setbacks and hardships, he still did it all with spirit and a smile.

Bottom Line: I nearly forgot to mention that Christopher Walken was in Eddie the Eagle in a small role, and as per usual he delivered a lot with a little.


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