Mechanic Resurrection – ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Mechanic Resurrection35

I have to admit that I didn’t realize the first Statham Mechanic movie was released in 2011, I also have to admit that I don’t really remember all the details of how it ended.  I assume Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) killed his back stabbing protégé and then went into hiding allowing the world of assassins to think he was dead too.  That seems to jive with how Mechanic Resurrection opens up, so I’m going with that assumption.

Living a life of relative ease we find Bishop in South America where he’s suddenly attacked by a gang of assassins who have figured out that he’s still alive.  Bishop wants to stay in retirement so he heads to Asia and one of the safe houses he has set up across the globe.  There he sticks his neck out for a girl named Gina (Jessica Alba) who is apparently in an abusive relationship.  After rescuing her he soon discovers that everything has been a trap and Gina is taken prisoner by one of Bishop’s old assassin acquaintances. He threatens to kill Gina (who Bishop has quickly fallen in love with) unless Bishop carries out three hits for him.  Each hit has a time limit and each is more difficult than the last.  Killing a warlord in an island prison, an arms dealer in Australia and another arms dealer (Tommy Lee Jones) who lives in an underground bunker, armed with his own nuclear submarine pen.  Of course, once the hits are complete, he still has to rescue the girl, and knowing action movies like we all know action movies, he’ll have to get revenge on the guy who put him in the situation to begin with.

The stunts and fights were top notch as they are in just about every Jason Statham movie I’ve ever seen.  The plot was rather simple and didn’t really offer too many surprises.  Sorry, I take that back, the surprises were how creative they got with the assassinations and the stunt work, but there weren’t a whole lot of plot twists.  You’re probably not watching a movie like this for plot twists though, you’re watching it for the action.  While Statham carried most of the action, Jessica Alba had a few decent action sequences as well.  While a lot of the fights and kills and stunts were a little unbelievable, I could suspend my disbelief for them, surprisingly I had a harder time believing in the speed of Bishop and Gina’s blossoming romance.  Still it was a good movie overall.

Bottom Line: The ending was left open enough that there could be another entry in this series…


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