Paradox – ★ ★ DVD Review


Ugh, I wish I could create a temporal paradox and not have watched this movie.  It was pretty bad, but I still stuck it out all the way to the end…  A group of “scientists” have created a time machine and send one of their own an hour into the future to test it.  He arrives and finds the lab littered with the dead bodies of his friends, a killer on the loose and a self destruct timer counting down.  Immediately he hops back in the machine to go back and warn his team to get out, bringing with him a video camera which will show them what happened in the hour he skipped, and the hour that will be the “future” for his friends.  From there the team try various things to escape their situation, but destiny seems to be playing a heavy hand, stopping that every turn, even when they try to use their time machine to stop themselves despite the paradoxes it would create.

Okay, first off the acting for the most part was pretty bad.  Most of the dialogue was atrociously written.  Zoë Bell tried her best to salvage what she could, but I feel sorry for her that she was stuck in this mess.  One performance was so cringe worthy I was glad to see them shuffle him off to the future so he wouldn’t be seen for another fifty minutes.

Their “time machine” was pretty cheap, which isn’t a make or break for me, but I would have liked it to have had a little more science or engineering put into it.  I don’t normally try to pick apart a movie for small details like this, but when the movie is bad, it just angers me sometimes and I can’t help but look for faults.  The time machine was a platform with standard stage rigging looped with wires that creates some sort of time field, blah blah blah.  Powering it up used so much electricity it created a power failure for the surrounding forty blocks.  You’d think something that creates that powerful of a field and consumes that much power you’d keep the computer system that controls it all more than five feet away from it….maybe some shielding…or a “stay behind line” line on the floor…

The film did have a somewhat original idea and I do have to credit the filmmakers (writer/director Michael Hurst) for actually managing to keep everything straight and block and prep each scene so it maintained the proper continuity.  The problem was that it seemed to be trying too hard to be clever and most of the cast could not really handle that responsibility.  What could have been clever became over complicated and unengaging.  I honestly would say, that even the most hardcore of sci-fi and time travel fans shouldn’t waste their time with this one.

Bottom Line: It’s been done before and done much better.  If you’re looking for a good sci-fi or time travel film, give Predestination or Project Almanac a watch.


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