Get Out – ★ ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

Get Out40

Like great science fiction, great horror stories all have something to say.  Surprise, the really good ones aren’t just out to scare you.  The greatest forms of horror unveil the social commentary that lies beneath the surface of our society.  A good horror film has something rooted in reality: racism. hypnotism, psychology, meeting new people, relationships, all these real world “scary” things are in Get Out.

As you know I’m not big on horror, but I don’t know if this really even qualified as a horror film.  IMDb lists it as a Horror, Mystery, and when the “mystery” tag gets thrown on something I’d think it would be more a thriller than a horror film, but since everyone else is calling it horror I’ll just go along with them. I didn’t think that Get Out was overly scary or gory or horrific, which is great for cowards like me who want to enjoy a good story even if it’s not in one of their favourite genres.

I was quite interested in Get Out because I’d heard good things about it, and because I also hadn’t heard anything about it.  Apart from the basic outline that a white girl brings her African American boyfriend to meet her white family and stuff happened, I really didn’t know what to expect, or what else was going on in the film.  I don’t think I really saw any trailers, but I did see commercials for the film, and they gave very brief flashes of scenes, quickly cut, with very little dialogue to go on.  This was great!  The film was very suspenseful, with the horror simmering just beneath the surface, and just enough that it kept me engrossed in the story all the way through. It balanced it all with a dash of humour, which made the horror part even better, and virtually everything was unexpected because full scenes weren’t overplayed or revealed in the ads or trailers.  I’m tired of seeing a movie and feeling that I’d seen two-thirds of it already, so big congratulations to Get Out for this achievement!

Really enjoyed this one, not just for the story and the suspense, but for the performances too.  Daniel Kaluuya was good, Allison Williams was very good as was Catherine Keener (as she is in everything she does), but Bradley Whitford was perfect!  His performance was an incredibly creepy cross between Steve Jobs and Steven Keaton (the dad from Family Ties played by Michael Gross).  I absolutely loved it!

Bottom Line: I watched this on Blu Ray and really liked the alternate ending, I thought it was a perfect end to a biting commentary.


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