Gridlocked – ★ ★ ★ DVD Review


Since I missed seeing John Wick Chapter 2 in theatres and it was still a while until it came to Blu Ray, I was in the mood for a good action movie.  I saw the trailer for Gridlocked and it looked interesting enough.  Maybe an action packed update of Hollywood Homicide or Showtime where you have a real cop with an actor on a ride along to learn how to be a cop for their upcoming movie.  Well, this was kind of like that.  Cody Hackman plays Brody Walker, an actor who gets in trouble with the law one time too many, and is forced to ride along with a cop (Dominic Purcell) who is rehabbing after being wounded in the line of duty, but eager to rejoin his old SWAT team.  David Hendrix (Purcell) brings Walker to his old, top secret, high security training facility one night, but he picked the night that a team of mercenaries are breaking into the facility to steal seized criminal assets held as evidence.

The trailer made the action look pretty decent, and it was.  Completely over the top and full of cliches, it was an exciting film, but not overly original or surprising.  The lead criminal is a former SWAT agent himself?  You don’t say.  Hendrix used to be on the same team as the bad guy?  Really?  Someone on the current team is probably in league with the bad guys?  I never would have guessed it.  Oh, wait.  I did guess it.  And I guessed who it was, and I guessed how the good guys got the bonds away from the bad guys.  I guess it wasn’t really that bad, but I just managed to predict everything that happened.  The action and the stunts were fun, the characters were probably a little underdeveloped, and for the most part the acting was good.  I’d definitely call this a B-movie action film, but they still managed to get a decent cast.  Dominic Purcell carried the story as the lead, but it was nice to see Danny Glover who was effectively in an extended cameo role, as well as action staple Vinnie Jones and former WWE wrestler Trish Stratus.

It seems that most of the action movies in recent years have the same style of action, and Gridlocked was no different.  Sure it was exciting, but you knew the fist fights would be MMA inspired, and the shootouts would be what they always have been.  It may have been a fairly simple, fairly mindless popcorn action flick, but it was still entertaining.

Bottom Line:  Danny Glover’s been too old for this shit for thirty years now…That’s right, Lethal Weapon came out in 1987. Let that sink in.


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