John Wick Chapter 2 – ★ ★ ★ ★ DVD Review

John Wick Chapter 240

Everyone seemed to love the first John Wick movie, so you knew there was a sequel coming.  I loved John Wick, but John Wick Chapter 2 came in a few hairs short of the original.  It was still super action packed, it was still super fun, but it’s hard to catch lightning in a bottle twice.  If you do manage it, you probably repeated the steps you used to catch it the first time.

As soon as the film started, so did the action.  The introduction was a spectacular car chase where John Wick gets his Mustang back from the chop shop of the first film, kills many, many people in many new and creative ways.  From there the action doesn’t let up, as John Wick, who thinks that he’s “out” is pulled back “in”.  It seems the crime lord who arranged it for John to retire is calling in the favour by having him do a hit for him.  Kill his own sister so he can take her place as head of the family and sit on the crime board of directors (or whatever they’re called).  He does of course, but John wants revenge again on the man who forced him back into the game, and who put a contract out on him to make sure there were no loose ends, blah blah blah. 

Okay, I did really enjoy it, but the plot isn’t that deep or important.  John Wick Chapter 2 was two hours long.  I found the first hour to be great and action packed, not taking its foot off the gas, the next half hour I found rather slow, and then it picked up again for the final half hour, but that last half hour felt very repetitive.  One of the great things about the first film was that Keanu didn’t talk much.  He just fought and shot.  In this one, he “acts” a bit more, which is not really his strong suit…  I also didn’t like Laurence Fishburne’s character, and didn’t think he was necessary at all, except to set up a third chapter.  Based on how the film ends, and the choice Wick makes, he’ll need the help of the Bowery King, but I found Fishburne’s performance was too over the top and I couldn’t take him seriously.  And saying that a character was too over the top in these films is really saying something.  I suppose they were trying to thrill the fans by having a Neo and Morpheus Matrix reunion, but I think the way it was played killed it.  Ruby Rose however played a great character!  I have no idea who she is, but I’ve heard her name before (from kids at work) but she was great. Rose plays Ares, a deaf assassin?  Hit-woman?  Bad guy.  I don’t really know what to call everyone in these movies.  Anyway, I really enjoyed Rose’s Ares, and hope she can somehow make an appearance in the inevitable Chapter 3.  She was wonderfully controlled, understated and powerful, yet still managed to convey a sense of humour in the role through the subtitling on the screen that translated her sign language.  Naturally Ian McShane was excellent as he is still one of my favourite actors so I feel I have to mention him.

Lots of fun still, and I will enjoy re-watching it, but I fear this chapter will get a little boring, but the first one never will.

Bottom Line: They included Dog Wick as a special feature on the Blu Ray!


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