Security – ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review


Antonio Banderas plays Eddie, a retired army captain who has been out of work for two years since being discharged.  He probably suffers from PTSD and hasn’t seen his wife and young daughter in a year either, but he finally lands a job as night security in a mall.  The mall is set between two towns with high crime rates.  Drugs run the towns, so the drug users regularly try to break into the mall to steal anything they can sell to feed their addictions.  Eleven year old Jamie (Katherine de la Rocha) is a key witness in an upcoming trial who escapes to the mall when the US Marshall convoy bringing her to the trial is ambushed by a small army of criminals led by Ben Kingsley.  The small five person security detail now have to fight off the heavily armed criminals and assassins until help can arrive, help they aren’t even sure is on the way.

This wasn’t the best movie, but I did enjoy it, even though it drew on a lot of tropes and wasn’t overly original.  You had the retired military guy who has to take charge and lead the untrained troops, you had the mysterious bad guy, the super strong bad guy, the quirky and diverse group of good guys, and of course the protect a child trope.  The action was pretty good and the fights, while not always believable, were action packed.  It brings to live the fantasy of fighting off bad guys in a mall using anything you could find as a weapon.  The defenders have a few mall issued tasers, some archery equipment from the lousy sporting goods section of a department store, they mount a webcam on a remote controlled car and basically try to become lethal MacGyvers.  Banderas does a believable job taking charge of the situation and leading the security guards, and Ben Kingsley plays a fantastic and understated bad guy.

My only complaint really was the ending, and it’s not so much a complaint as something I wish they’d done, something I think could have made the movie better. Naturally the good guys come out on top, though not unscathed.  At the end of the film the FBI (or the US Marshalls, I can’t remember) arrive with paramedics and take care of the bad guys and the injured.   We see Eddie next in the hospital talking with Jamie about the trial and where she’ll go afterwards, then we see Eddie meeting back up with his own wife and daughter.  All pretty predictable.  I just wish they ended it like the old Dirty Harry movies, when Eddie is sitting at the edge of the ambulance, the cops are all there and everything is wrapped up, pull the camera back, get a big wide shot of the mall parking lot full of law enforcement and then fade to black.  Leave the family resolution stuff to the imagination.  Ah well, I’m not the director.

Bottom Line: Guilty pleasure admission, I really like the new rebooted MacGyver.


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