Killing Hasselhoff – ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

Killing Hasselhoff

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll know I run a video store.  How else do you think I get to see all these great (and sometimes not so great) movies?  Over the years we’ve noticed a few things.  First, celebrities die all the time, and second when they die, their movies or albums instantly becomes popular.  We are usually flooded with calls from customers asking if we have anything and everything by the late celeb.  It’s funny because often these customers claim to be the biggest fans but don’t actually own anything by the artist in question…  A number of years ago we realized we had to immediately dedicate display space when an actor died so that customers could find what they were looking for.  One year, we were sitting down, doing a “year in review” meeting and the topic of dead celebrities came up, and that’s when our own Dead Pool began.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, here it is: before a given deadline you make up a list of celebrities you think will die in the coming year.  Each one you guess correctly gets you points.  Yes it is rather morbid, but we do mean it in good fun.  We have rules, and one of them is that you cannot murder any of your chosen celebrities, because that’s cheating, and cheating is wrong.  Murdering a celebrity you’ve chosen in a Dead Pool though is exactly what Killing Hasselhoff is all about.

Chris is the owner of a nightclub but when his club burns down, his fiancé leaves him, his life falls further into shambles when a loan shark he owes money to calls in the debt.  The only way Chris can raise the money is to win the Celebrity Dead Pool that he’s in.  And the only way he can win it is if David Hasselhoff dies. So he sets out to murder the Hoff.

The movie wasn’t quite as bad as my rating, or as you would think it would be.  For a comedy it wasn’t very funny, at least not until the last fifteen minutes.  From there, it was very funny, and I laughed quite a bit, but until the, I might have only chuckled once or twice.  Hasselhoff was pretty good, playing just a giant caricature of himself and his celebrity status, and Ken Jeong (who I think is rather underrated as an actor) was good in the lead.  The supporting cast seemed to be a lot of Comedy Central talents, and their roles and lines seemed to be tailor made for them, which may not have been a good thing.  Don’t write a line (or a role, or a script) for a comedian, write a funny line for any actor.  If they happen to be a comedian, your joke should go over even better.  Just my opinion.

Most of the script was vulgar and childish, but if you’re willing to wait for the laughs, or if you’re a big fan of The Hoff, you should be able to find some mild entertainment with it.

Bottom Line:  Fortunately it was only 80 minutes long, because that first hour was really kind of painful.  Also, I’m leading the Dead Pool at work again.  RIP Hugh Hefner.


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