I used to only buy one type/brand/colour of socks so I would have an easier (or lazier) time matching them when I did my laundry.  A few months back though my feet were killing me so I bought these fancy-dancy, ergonomic, no sweat, padded, fitted, super comfortable, bamboo-rayon blended socks and really liked them, so a few weeks ago I treated myself to 6 more pairs of socks. The only drawback to these socks is that they are knit in such a way that they are labelled for the left and right foot.  At first I felt a little insulted that my socks were telling me what feet to put them on, but soon I took it in stride.

Sunday night was laundry night of course, and I knew I would have to take extra time and special effort when putting away my socks to make sure I had all the lefts and rights in proper order.  It reminded me though of a logic puzzle I was given way back in high school (or possibly even grade school).  The puzzle is this: you are in the dark and have to get dressed.  In your bag are 5 pairs of black socks and 5 pairs of white socks. What is the minimum number of socks you need to pull to ensure a matching set?

The answer is obviously three.  I wondered if the same theory could be applied to my current left and right sock situation, but realized it wouldn’t work like that because it’s possible (though rather unlikely) that I could pull 5 “lefts” in a row before pulling a “right”, so the minimum in my situation with 7 clean pairs of socks would be 8 socks to ensure at least one set of the correct pairings.  Well when I was putting my laundry away and matching my socks up from the pile I dumped on my bed, I did just what I predicted.  I pulled 5 lefts before the first right…


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