Welcome to the new pages for theswitz.  Usually just Switz, but the “the” makes me sound more official.  I will go out on a limb and now say this is the official page of Switz.

For those who don’t know me, my name Greg Switzer.  Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, where I still live, work and play.

I’m a movie fan, bordering on movie buff, occasionally called a movie guru.  Hopefully I know a few things about movies, as I manage Canada’s largest independent video-music-game store.

( http://www.thatsentertainment.ca   maybe if I plug work, something good will come of it!)

What am I doing on these pages?  Well, I’m going to review virtually every movie I watch; the ultimate goal, if anyone out there is reading this; is to share a few hidden gems, and broaden everyone’s viewing horizons.   As I touched on before, I’ve been managing a video store for about 15 years, and working in one for about 22 years.  I’ve seen the rise and falls of Beta, VHS, DVD and now Blu Ray.  Another reason for these ramblings is a little more personal, after going through a separation I was at an all time personal low for several years, and I realized that in the year 2009 I had only seen 9 movies all year.  That may seem normal for some, but you have to remember, I run a video store!  I can’t curse out the staff for poor product knowledge if I haven’t seen it either.  Fortunately I never had that problem, as I was still extremely well read on the release of the time, but did decide in 2010 to dig myself out of the rut I was stuck in and at least watch a few more movies.  2010 was a fair success and I started to post my reviews on Flixster via Facebook.  I was surprised how many of my friends were actually enjoying my opinions, and taking my recommendations.   Fast forward to 2011 and a chance encounter with John Bartkiw, an old friend at the final Lakeport Secondary School reunion (alas, our beloved Lakeport will be no more in September, 2011).  My friend again reiterated how much he enjoyed my reviews and the diversity of what I had been watching.  He suggested I go pro, and start a blog and see where the road takes me.

So here, I will review what I see, not just what I like.  I may include an opinion or comment from one of the usual suspects, or one of the “gang” I usually see movies with;  “The Girl Who Whispered”, “The Smoker”, “The Guy Who Likes to Sit In The Back Row”…alright, he needs a better alias; and sometimes my brother…..well it’s not like any of them are Batman, so cool alias’ are a bonus but not essential.

I will not just be reviewing movies, but I will post my thoughts on a few sports, news of the day, maybe a bit of music (not exactly my forte), and of course, my personal favourite, and possibly greatest television show ever created, Doctor Who.

So, a few weeks later, here we are.  Hope you all enjoy.  Constructive criticism is always welcome, as well as informed discussions.  Disagree with a review I write?  Excellent!  Tell me why.  All I urge is no name calling, hair pulling, spitting, biting or swearing.  Keep it clean folks, and we all can have fun.

Switz……TheSwitz……theswitz  😉


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