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Review – G.I. Joe Retaliation

Product Details3.5 Stars
This week G.I. Joe Retaliation came to DVD, if you remember it came out in theatres this spring, but was supposed to come out last year.  Supposedly it was pulled to make the film 3D (though from what I watched, nothing would have benefited from the extra dimension except the films box office gross); some said though that Joe 2 was delayed for several re-writes and re-shoots to fix up a bad script.  I could definitely see the latter being the case.  This Joe movie was a lot better than the last, and I personally felt it was a little closer to the toys and cartoons that I remember growing up with.
— Nerd mode: ON —
  • Cobra Commander looked pretty cool in his helmet with the silver, reflective face mask,  and it meant that we couldn’t complain that Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t come back.
  • We saw Cobra developing HISS tanks, which looked like a fairly believable real world counterpart to the toys of yesterday.
  • Cobra had a massively simple yet over complicated world threatening weapon.  All that was missing was the weapon to be split into three pieces for teams to track down across the globe and make great after school watching all week long.
  • We got a few more fan favourite Joes, Roadblock played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Flint and Lady Jaye
  • This one had a lot more ninjas than the last one…..
  • Classic storylines from the comics were introduced, including the Blind Master (RZA), and even Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes teaming up.
  • And we got Bruce Willis
— Critical Nerd Mode with minor SPOILERS: ON —
  • Uhm, they killed off 98% of the G.I. Joes in the trailer!
  • and that was only like 30 guys it seemed….I seem to remember a lot more being in the last film
  • and they killed them all off in one spot…because apparently there were only like two other guys who weren’t in the same place
  • ….so that means they had no backup?  Seems poorly planned…. “hey let’s send the entire team out to the desert!  Good idea?”
  • they sure used a lot of bullets this time around.  Now my memory is fuzzy, so I don’t remember if people got shot with bullets in the last one, for some reason I think they used lasers (without frickin sharks).  I may be entirely wrong here, and if I am, please comment below and let me know, because I don’t really plan on watching the first one again anytime soon.
Okay, back to just reviewing.  I actually enjoyed the film, even though there were things that bothered me (see above).  It played out like a pretty good action movie and had a lot of fun doing so.  The fact that it was G.I. Joe did bring back a few fond childhood memories but there were a few things that could have been done differently.  I realize that they needed to somehow write Duke out of the movie because Channing Tatum is too expensive, too busy or too famous now; but they could have done so without killing off all the characters.  Really that is my biggest complaint about the movie.   Bringing in some other big name stars (Bruce Willis and the Rock) was a nice way to bring in a larger audience.  I wasn’t expecting a lot, so the fun that it did deliver was appreciated.
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