Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens – a bit of speculation?


Well, what do we know about Episode VII after several teasers, a trailer and an official poster being released?

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The film is set about thirty years after the Battle of Endor.  Rising from the ashes of the fallen Empire comes the First Order, a military and political organization which was inspired by the principles of the Galactic Empire and fights against the Resistance for control of the galaxy.

• John Boyega (Attack the Block) is Finn, a Stormtrooper who abandons the First Order?
• Daisy Ridley is Rey, a scavenging girl on a planet that looks like Tatooine?
• Domhnall Gleeson is General Hux, a First Order officer of some importance?
• Gwendoline Christie is Captain Phasma, a female Stormtrooper who wears shiny, reflective armour?
• Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron, a Resistance pilot and leader of Black Squadron, he owns the astromech droid BB-8.
• Adam Driver is Kylo Ren, who has a pretty cool looking lightsaber.
• Carrie Fisher is Princess Leia, Harrison Ford is Han Solo, Peter Mayhew is Chewbacca, Kenny Baker is R2-D2, Anthony Daniels is C-3PO, but where is Mark Hamill?

That’s been the big question surrounding The Force Awakens.  We’ve seen the poster, without Luke Skywalker.  We’ve seen trailers with Luke’s voice, and a hooded figure we assume is him with R2-D2, and that voiceover sounds like his speech to Leia from Return of the Jedi…  He’s listed on the IMDb page as Skywalker, but there are a lot of blank entries on the films page too, like Simon Pegg and Max von Sydow.

About ten years ago Hamill did an episode of the interview show Dinner For Five and discussed the possibility Luke Skywalker turning to the Dark Side during Return of the Jedi.

“I pitched that to George [Lucas],” Hamill said on the show that also featured Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Stan Lee and – more importantly – The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams.  “As an actor, that would be more fun to play. I just thought that’s the way it was going. From when we finished two, I figured that’s what will be the pivotal moment. I’ll have to come back, but it’ll be like I’ll have Han Solo in my crosshairs, and I’m about to kill him, or about to kill the Princess, about to kill somebody that we care about. You know, it’s an old cornball movie.”

Will Luke Skywalker turn out to be Kylo Ren?  Is the Adam Driver listing on IMDb a misdirect?  Remember, J.J. Abrams tried (unsuccessfully) to conceal Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in Star Trek: Into Darkness.  In the trailer, it just seemed like it would be so natural for Kylo Ren to finish his soliloquy with Vader’s burnt helmet by saying “I will finish … what you started…. FATHER“.   Or could Kylo Ren be another of Vader’s children?  He was a bad guy, what’s to say he didn’t have another child with someone other than Padme?  Alright, now I’m fan-fictioning the trailer.  Time to stop that.  Luke Skywalker was a hero….is a hero.

I don’t know what will happen, or where Luke Skywalker is in the trailers or the poster.  To me, it seems too easy and too obvious for him to be Kylo Ren, so until I watch the film, Luke’s just piloting one of the X-Wings there.  But I may pick up a copy of Dark Empire just in case…

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens opens December 18, 2015 in Canada.


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  1. Confession time… I have never seen a Star Wars film!
    Interesting piece though – I didn’t know Max von Sydow was still acting. Pleased he is.

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  2. What!?! Oh, they’re a necessary watch. Though it’s kind of tough to watch them now. The thrill, the surprise, the reveals are all too well known by now. Though, perhaps, since you’ve never seen them, you would benefit from watching them in ‘Machete Order’. Instead of watching them in order of release (4,5,6,1,2,3) or episodic (1,2,3,4,5,6) to watch them 4,5,2,3,6 and skipping 1, and treating 2&3 like flashbacks

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  3. Such a shame I was not born and too young to remember the ‘Star Wars’ films being released *smug smile* haha.
    I might get round to seeing them… eventually. Although if I was watching all, I wouldn’t beable to miss no.1 as that would jar me.

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  4. They re-released them in the 90s! The so-called “special editions”. The 90s changes were okay, when Lucas finished the prequels and changed the original ones AGAIN, then it got ridiculous.
    Yeah, I can see missing no.1 being odd, just watch it way afterwards. The other 5 hold up without it really.

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